The House of Normandy

The House of Normandy, up to its final year 1135..

The House of Normandy was founded by the Viking Invader Rollo, who effectively became the 1st Duke of Normandy.

House of Normandy Reign

912-927 Rollo (either Norwegian or Danish) One of the Viking Leaders that raided France in 885-6
927-942 William I Longsword (Son of Rollo)
942-996 Richard I of Normandy (Son of William I Longsword) grandson of Rollo
996-1026 Richard II, Duke of Normandy (Son of Richard I) great grandson of Rollo
1026-1027 Richard III, Duke of Normandy (Son of Richard II) great grandson of Rollo
1027-1035 Robert I, Duke of Normandy (Son of Richard II) great great grandson of Rollo
1035-1087 William the Conqueror, the First Norman Ruler of England. (Son of Robert I) great great great grandson of Rollo
1087-1106 Robert Curthose. Duke of Normandy
1106-1135 Henry I of England, also Duke of Normandy.

60.1 - 810,856
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