Is the Royal Family of Britain actually British?

A recent comment from a Labour member of Parliament, raised an old question…

Is the Royal Family of Britain actually British?

One answer depends on what line you follow:

  • Elizabeth II, Born in England 1926, her father was:
  • George VI, born in England 1895, his father was:
  • George V, born in England 1865, his father was:
  • Edward VII, born in England 1841, his mother was:
  • Queen Victoria, born in England 1819, her father was:
  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, born in England 1767, his father was:
  • George III of the United Kingdom, born in England 1738, his father was:


  • Frederick, Prince of Wales, born in Germany 1707, his father was:
  • George II of Great Britain, born in Germany 1683, his father was:
  • George I of Great Britain, born Germany 1660, his mother was:


  • Sophia of Hanover, born Netherlands 1630, her mother was:


  • Elizabeth Stuart, born Scotland 1596, her father was:
  • James VI of Scotland/James I of England, born Scotland 1566, his mother was:
  • Mary, Queen of Scots, born in Scotland 1542, her father was:
  • James V of Scotland, born Scotland 1512, his mother was:


  • Margaret Tudor, born England 1489, her father was:
  • Henry VII of England, born England 1457…. etc.

In that line of 17, there were 13 born in Britain (9 in England, 4 in Scotland), 3 born in Germany and 1 born in Netherlands.

I would say that Elizabeth is pretty much of British ancestry, even without the fact that she is, by Birth, British.

Even some of those ‘German born Kings” are of British ancestry.

Was that old Royal family of Germany actually British?

It all depends what lineage you follow…

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