The Battle of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942 “The Mystery Air Raid”: The Silent Invasion Begins
By Terrenz Sword

One of the most controversial episodes of World War 2 may have been the beginning of a covert interplanetary war…the battle of Los Angeles. On 7 December 7, the Japanese Navy bombed the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbour and the United States officially entered WW2. Within days a top secret device called RADAR began picking up signals thought to be those of enemy aircraft up and down the West Coast of North America. Blackouts were ordered, effectively ‘shutting down’ coastal cities from Bakersfield to San Diego. On 25 February 1942 a Japanese submarine fired on an oil field near Santa Barbara. The following night anti-aircraft fired over 2000 rounds at a massive unidentified flying object that hung in the sky over Los Angeles. Tens of thousands saw the craft likened to a giant lantern as it was repeatedly struck by military fire, but to no avail as it hovered for more than an hour without being shot down though six people did die on the ground as shell fragments rained down on homes and streets throughout the area. This event is an historical FACT…though not many remembered the incident until journalist Terrenz Sword uncovered long lost newspaper accounts and transcribed the testimony of many witnesses. Now you can relive the event as it happened 60 years ago.

Published: 18 August 2010
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Published: 22 July 2003
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The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942

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