The 1688 Glorious Revolution

What was the Glorious Revolution of 1688?..

Some say it was a foreign invasion by the Dutch.

Some say it wasn’t a foreign invasion, just a takeover by family.

The new King and Queen after the revolution were: Mary, the ex Kings daughter and William, a grandson of Charles I.  (William’s mother was Mary Stuart, a daughter of King Charles I).

So, why the confusion?

In November 1688, James II and VII, the King of England, Scotland and Ireland, was deposed by his daughter Mary II and her husband, William III of Orange, who was also the Kings nephew, albeit Dutch.

Hence, the Revolution ended with the Kings daughter and her Dutch husband, both heirs to the throne,  taking the British thrones.

Mary II and William III ruled Britain jointly, after being after being asked by the English Parliament to take action against King James.

The English parliament asked Mary to take the throne, after James abdicated, and left the country.

Mary did not want to rule alone, preferring her husband (also a legitimate heir to tbe throne) to rule, but William wanted Mary to inherit her legitimate throne, so they decided to rule jointly.

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