Ten Largest Islands in the World

My list of the top 10 Islands


Island Location Square Miles Square Km’s
1. Greenland North America 840,000 2,176,000
2. New Guinea Oceania 312,000 809,000
3. Borneo Asia 288,000 746,000
4. Madagascar Africa 227,000 587,000
5. Baffin Island North America 196,000 507,000
6. Sumatra Asia 183,000 474,000
7. Honshu Asia 88,000 227,000
8. Great Britain Europe 84,000 218,000
9. Victoria Island North America 84,000 217,000
10. Ellesmere Island North America 76,000 196,000

I have rounded the size of these Islands to the nearest thousand square miles/kilometres, due to so many different results of land mass sizes that I found for each island.

What is an island ?

A piece of land surrounded by water, and not large enough to be called a continent.

That explains why Australia and the Americas are not on the list.

Or does it ?

How do we define a continent ?

In geography, there is no clear definition that distinguishes an island from a continent, other than saying that an island is smaller than a continent.

There are either 6 or 7 continents depending on where you were taught geography. Or are there only 4 or 5 ???

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40.1 - 820,450
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