South East England House Prices

According to the BBC the average prices of South East England property rose by 7.4% in the year ended December 2010.

From a total of 41,296 sales, the average South East England property price during October to December 2010 was £274,326.

This figure is slightly higher than the average for Semi Detached Houses, which came in at £274,326.

The breakdown in average price per property type was:

£439,501 Detached
£248,188 Semi-detached
£204,802 Terrace
£164,287 Flat

Median full-time weekly earnings in South East England were £524pw (£27,248 per annum) according to the 2010 ASHE (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings).

The result of these figures shows the South East England property affordability as:

Detached houses are equal to 16.1 times the average full time wage
Semi-detached houses are equal to 9.1 times the average full time wage
Terraced houses are equal to 7.5 times the average full time wage
Flats equal to 6.0 times the average full time wage

The average property at £274,326 was equal to 10.1 times the annual wage.

40.1 - 820,443
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