Rolled Oats vs Instant Oats

I was eating porridge recently, and had been enjoying the Quaker Oats instant variety, but bought some Australia Harvest Rolled oats when the pack was finished.

These rolled oats are stated to take about 10 minutes to cook, compared to 3 minutes for the Quaker Oats instant variety… but…

I have pulled these descriptions from the Uncle Toby’s website:

What are rolled oats?

Rolled oats are created by steaming hulled oat grains, known as oat groats. After steaming, these are flattened into rolled oat flakes to created rolled oats. Otherwise known as traditional oats, rolled oats have a delicious nutty texture when cooked and are great for breakfast as well as in your favourite baked biscuit!

What are quick oats?

Quick oats have been rolled thinner or steamed a little longer than rolled oats, then ground into small pieces. This makes them quicker to cook – perfect for those cold winter mornings when you don’t want to wait for your breakfast of creamy oats.

Well, that description answers one question, and that would be relating to my description of ‘porridge’. I would not classify Rolled Oats as a porridge, but the quick ones are,

Porridge: A soft food made by boiling oatmeal or another meal in water or milk.

My cooking of the rolled oats did not exactly come out very soft or porridgy, even after soaking them for 24 hours before cooking for 20 minutes.

Give me Instant/Quick oats any time 🙂
Australia Harvest Rolled oats or  Quaker Oats Instant

Mortlock oats, used in the Australia Harvest brand, is considered a premium milling variety with a high groat per cent and optimum milling performance.
As the premium for Mortlock is no longer offered and it is lower yielding than other milling varieties, the area sown to Mortlock is decreasing. Some Mortlock is grown for the export hay market.

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