Primum Non Serum

There is a very very fundamental principle in medicine, “primum non serum”, a Latin statement for “above all do no harm.”

So no action that a physician or a surgeon or doctor should take should increase the likelihood of harm.

This in plain English means: Allow people to suffer, instead of allowing a peaceful death.


The choice – right to die with dignity….

Dr Philip Nitschke an advocate for Euthanasia says: Don’t take any notice of a rumour you might hear that an overdose of sleeping tablets will lead to death. It won’t. There are very few lethal drugs, and the best lethal drug is Nembutal. However, Nembutal is illegal to import or possess in Australia, and could land you in jail or with a fine of up to $825,000 if caught importing it.

Is Dr Philip Nitschke right is saying that people should be freed from pain, by choosing self termination with a peaceful method of dying by their own hands?

Is is right that they should be allowed to end their suffering, or are most doctors right in saying that they MUST suffer, as choosing to end suffering by taking a pill is WRONG !


For those with Depresssion:

Beyond Blue can be contacted on 1300 22 46 36

Lifeline can be contacted on 13 11 14.

In 1996, Dr Philip Nitschke became the first physician in the world to administer a legal, lethal voluntary injection. This was under the world’s first right to die law – the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act of the Northern Territory of Australia.

Today, Dr Nitschke is a world leader in end of life choices. More than a theoretician, Philip Nitschke has led the new DIY movement, providing workshops and advising and coordinating the world’s first home manufacture of a barbiturate-like Peaceful Pill by 20 elderly Australians.

His first book was published by Penguin in 2005, and titled Killing Me Softly: Voluntary Euthanasia and the Road to the Peaceful Pill.

The new 2012 edition contains a whole-of-book rewrite featuring 4 complete chapters on the barbiturates including, online & offline sources, testing, manufacture & administration. Other issues covered include the use of inert gases (eg. Nitrogen/ Helium), updated Swiss option, prescription drugs & poisons. Exit’s unique Reliability & Peacefulness Test compares methods enabling easy practical analysis. The Handbook is aimed at Seniors & folk who are seriously ill & their families.


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