Population of UK, GB, England, Scotland, Wales

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Population Estimate for the United Kingdom in June 2017..

The population of the UK at 30 June 2017 exceeded 66 million people, an increase of 392,000 people since mid-2016.

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66,040,200 in the United Kingdom

55,619,400 in England (84.2% of the UK total)
3,125,200 in Wales (4.7% of the UK total)
5,424,800 in Scotland (8.2% of the UK total)
64,169,400 in Great Britain (97.2% of the UK total)

 1,870,800 in Northern Ireland (2.8% of the UK total)

Source: www.ons.gov.uk

On census night,  27 March 2011, the population in the United Kingdom was:

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53,012,456 in England  www.ons.gov.uk

3,063,456 in Wales

5,295,400 in Scotland www.scotlandscensus.gov.uk

1,810,863 in Northern Ireland

The combined population is 63,182,175

Other areas commonly considered as part of this area, including the British Isles, but not part of Great Britain or the UK:

83,327 Isle of Man www.gov.im

98,000 Jersey www.gov.je

63,085 Guernsey www.gov.gg

Population of Great Britain in 2011

53,012,456 England
5,295,400 Scotland
3,063,456 Wales
61,371,312 Great Britain


Population of United Kingdom in 2011

53,012,456 England
5,295,400 Scotland
3,063,456 Wales
1,810,863 Northern Ireland
63,182,175 United Kingdom


Population of the British Isles in 2011

63,182,175 United Kingdom
83,327 Isle of Man
98,000 Jersey
63,085 Guernsey
4,581,269 Ireland
2,111 Alderney
600 Sark
68,010,567 British Isles

Population of Ireland from: http://www.cso.ie/en/census/index.html
2011 Census on 10th April.

61.1 - 585,734

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