Population Comparison: Ukraine – England.

Ukraine population compared to England.

Population in 2021.

43.79 million Ukraine.
56.55 million England.

Population in 1939.

41.7 million Ukraine.
38.3 million England.

Population in 1946.

27.4 million Ukraine.
39.1 million England.

Population change 1946 to 2021.

  • 27.4 to 43.8 million Ukraine. 60% increase.
  • 39.1 to 56.6 million England. 45% increase.

Ukraine before WWII had a population of about 41.7 million.
This dropped to about 27.4 million after WWII. A drop of about 14.3 million.

It has been stated that Ukraine incurred the largest number of casualties during WWII, from all countries.

It is estimated that the population of England at the start of WWII was about 38.3 million. This increased to about 39.1 million after the war.

Ukraine War Casualties.

Some sources say that the Soviet Union had over 20 million casualties.  The Russian Academy of Sciences calculated it at 26.6 million. If Ukraine lost about 14.3 million, then the remainder of the Soviet Union, including Russia, lost 12.3 million.

Russian estimates suggest that the total population of the Soviet Union in 1941 was 195.4 million people, before it fell to 170.5 million in 1946 due to the devastation of the Second World War. A drop of 24.9 million.

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