Photography and High Waves

This photo shows a VERY high wave…
Garrett McNamara 1

This Photo from a different angle shows a different perspective

Garrett McNamara 2

These photos are taken from: showing the surfer Garrett McNamara in Portugal.

For those interested in the heights of the waves…  from:

Garrett McNamara 3

The highest recorded open sea wave was measured in February 2000, when the RRS Discovery, (a British oceanographic research vessel), encountered individual waves up to 29.1 metres (95 ft) while in the Rockall Trough, west of Scotland. The European Space Agency satellites also confirmed ten rogue waves, each about 25 metres (82 ft) during a three week period in 2004. (Page 7 on OBSERVED STATISTICS OF EXTREME WAVES by Anne Marie Laird December 2006)

292.1 - 841,055
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