Philippines Visa Renewal Office and Wearing Shorts

In September 2013, the Philippines Immigration office advised changes to their NO SHORTS policy at most Visa Renewal offices.

You can now officially wear shorts, as long as they cover the knees, when visiting an immigration office to renew your visa.

BUT !!!


You can’t ……..

Well, not in the Makati Extension office anyway.  The guard there still refers to the 2011 notice saying “NO SHORTS”, and does not allow you in without trousers.  That was 21st November 2013.

No use arguing with them, that only reinforces their stance on the issue.



Immigration Administrative Circular No. SBM-2013-007..


WHEREAS, Memorandum dated 20 July 2011 prescribed that the public shall be denied access to the bureau if they fail to observe the Dress Code Policy provided thereunder;

WHEREAS, the Dress Code Policy denies clients dressed in shorts, sandos, and/ or slippers entry into any BI office;

WHEREAS, there is a need to modify the Dress Code Policy considering the tropical weather nd the usual tourist attire in the Philippines;

WHEREFORE, to maximize and accommodate visitors and foreign nationals with official transactions at the Bureau, the following are hereby ordered:


                A. FOR MEN

Top: Sleeved-shirts that cover the shoulders and waist in its entirely are required.

Bottom: Men wearing shorts will be allowed access to the Bureau, provided, that it is at minimum knee length. Sports shorts and sweatpants are not allowed.

                B. FOR WOMEN

Top: Women wearing tank tops with straps that are the width of three (3) fingers are permitted entrance into the building. Any thinner straps (I.e. stringed-straps) will be denied entry. Shirts must cover the cleavage and waist in its entirely.

Bottom: Women wearing shorts and skirts will be allowed entry to the bureau office, provided, that said apparel must not be shorter than three (3) inches above the knee. Sweatpants, sport and workout shorts are not allowed.


                A. DECENT ATTIRE

The proposed dress code only identifies the minimum requirements for entry. All articles of clothing and footwear must also be worn properly and in good condition (i.e. no holes, rips, stains, etc.). Undergarments must not be visible.

                B. BUSINESS ATTIRE

For attendance in hearing or official meetings with key Immigration Officers, business/ office attire is required.


The Dress Code Policy may be waived in emergency cases provided the clients duly inform the guards on duty of such emergency.


All previous issuances or any part thereof that are inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked and/ or modified accordingly.


This Administrative Circular shall take effect immediately.




AUGUST 9, 2011Individuals wearing shorts, undershirt and slippers are now prohibited from entering the the main building of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Intramuros, Manila .

In a memorandum issued last July 20 by BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr., ordered the bureau’s civil security unit (CSU) personnel to strictly implement the dress code for all persons entering the bureau’s premises.

David also directed employees manning the frontline services not to entertain any person who does not comply with the dress code while transacting business in the bureau.
The BI chief instructed all the bureau’s division and section chiefs to strictly implement the dress code on all persons, foreigners and Filipinos alike.            BI Administrative Division chief Felino Quirante Jr. added that the bureau, like any other government office, is mandated to implement the proper dress code as it caters not only for the foreigners but also to Filipinos, thus it is proper to dress accordingly.


Quirante recalled that security guards of the bureau used to be very strict in enforcing the dress code but the policy was relaxed during the previous administration.

Other BI officials and employees also welcomed David’s memorandum as they noted that the bureau had become too lax in enforcing the dress code on the transacting public in recent years.

“I doubt if Filipinos abroad could enter the immigration offices in other countries if they are not properly dressed,” said Roque Santos, a retiring employee assigned at the BI records section.

They observed that many foreigners have been openly violating the dress code by wearing shorts, undershirt and slippers when transacting at the bureau.

“Although we welcome the entry of foreign visitors into our country, we should not allow them to undermine the integrity of our bureau by allowing them to enter our offices in sandos, slippers and shorts,” said Alien Regulation Division (IRD) chief Danilo Almeda.

Lawyer Arvin Santos, BI legal chief, said he has instructed all legal and hearing officers under him not to entertain improperly dressed foreign visa applicants in their offices.



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Hi thanks for your help i just finished extension yesterday in Makati. It took me only 3 hours to get it done. : )


So can I wear long tops with legging inside to Makati office?


Thanks a lot.

I do ask my filipino boyfriend to wear long pants : )

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