Philippines and the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC)

Emigration Clearance Certificate or Exit Clearance Certificate..

Update April 2015

An Emigration Clearance Certificate [ECC] is needed when a foreign passport holder is leaving the Philippines, after a stay of 6 months or more.

Any child, born in the Philippines, but travelling on a Foreign passport, NEEDS an ECC to leave the Philippines.  A notice to this effect is on display at a Bureau of Immigration office.

The ECC-A may be secured at the BI Main Office or in select District Offices, Satellite Offices, Field Offices, One-Stop-Shops.
ECC-A is issued to departing holders of Tourist Visas who have stayed for 6 months or more.

The ECC-B may be secured at the BI Main Office or in the airport upon departure.
ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily.

Update November 2014

The cost is 500 pesos for an Emigration Clearance Certificate, ECC-A (3rd Nov 2014 at Angeles Office)
The cost for an ECC-B was quoted as 2,850 pesos by another person in November.

Update April 2014

A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

The ECC is valid for one (1) month from the date of issue, however, you may only use this once regardless of its validity.

The ECC can now be obtained from various BI offices around the Philippines.

See also: How Long is the Philippines ECC valid

This WAS the latest information, as at September 13th 2013, on the facts about the Philippines and the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC).

WOW, after reading many forums I can see that there is a LOT of confusion about this.

Here are the FACTS, from “the horses mouth” as they say.

All Philippines Exit Points were notified of a NEW ruling on the ECC in a memorandum dated September 13th 2013.

Anyone on a visitor visa that has stayed OVER SIX months, MUST apply for an Exit Clearance Certificate BEFORE departure, at the main BI Office, NOT at the airport or regional offices.

All Philippines Immigration Offices have been told to advise anyone that applies for an extension visa taking them over the 6 months limit, about this rule.

This ruling is VERY strict, with disciplinary action against any Immigration Staff member that allows any exemptions.

The ECC being referred to here (ECC-A), relates ONLY to those foreign visitors that have been in the Philippines for 6 months or over.  There is a different, less problematic one for those shorter term visitors.

Since 2001, there has been a rule that every visitor, that has stayed for over 6 months, must get an ECC before leaving.  Some immigration officers have enforced this, with payment at the airport office, and some have been more relaxed.

But the rules have changed a few times, with the latest one being issued on a memorandum dated September 13th 2013.  This I have seen personally, during my interview with the Captain of Immigration at Manila Airport.

It clearly says that anyone having stayed OVER 6 months MUST apply FIFTEEN DAYS in ADVANCE for an ECC at BI Intramuros, Manila.

It was explained to me that they now have no choice, but to enforce this rule without exemption.

Even a new baby, TWO DAYS OLD, was refused exit as they didn’t have the ECC for it.

DO NOT BLAME THE AIRPORT STAFF !!  They do not like it either

ALL Philippine Exit Clearance Certificates MUST be applied for at the Bureau of Immigration(BI), Magallanes Drive, Port Area, Intramuros, Manila, (02) 527-3257 or (02) 338-4542

Although the above words are what I saw, I am going to assume that different memos were sent to the other areas, and applications may also be made personally at Davoa and Cebu.  But I am NOT 100% certain about that.  I do know that they CANNOT be applied for anywhere else in Luzon, other than Intramuros. And that includes anyone coming from Mindoro.  (Cebu and Davao are classed as regional offices on some sites I have seen.)  Update Nov 2014. Many Offices now do the ECC’s, including Angeles City, Pampanga.

This is an email from the BI after the event:

Please be informed that a temporary visitor with a total length of stay exceeding 6 months shall comply with the regular clearance certificate requirement at the Alien Registration Division, Bureau of Immigration, Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila (main office).


  • Duly filled-up application form,
  • 5 pcs. colored photo (size 2×2 ) white background,
  • Photocopy of passport (biopage, latest arrival stamp and visa extension stamp)
  • Receipt for payment of appropriate immigration fees

*Please take note that personal appearance is required for fingerprinting.


Express Lane Fee                                   Php          500.00

*Additional fees may be required upon checking of documents

ECC                                        Php          700.00

ACR                                                     1,010.00

Additional ACR                                        500.00

Additional ECC                                        500.00


For applications filed in the morning, certificates will be released in the afternoon while for applications filed in the afternoon, certificates will be released the following business day.  (But still depends on the volume of the applicants)

Please be informed that ECC for tourists may only be applied at the BI main office and the same may not be applied at any international airports.

If you will depart without the ECC, then you will be denied departure or offloaded.

It differs from the Memo given to the Airport Staff in the timeline part.

Memo says:  Applications must be made 15 days in advance

Email says: Maybe done on same day, depending on volume.

My personal experience in Nov 2014: It was issued 24 hours after I applied. On my 2nd exit in two years.

The Captain of Immigration at Manila Airport did indicate that Intramuros can fast track special cases in one day.

There is still some confusion, but the bottom line is that things are MUCH tighter on the ECC now, than a few weeks ago.

For visitors OVER 6 Months…


You CANNOT apply and Pay at the AIRPORT, not any more.

This is 99.999% certain  (That percentage used, to cover that odd one in a thousand that somehow manages it)

Good luck

BI Spokesperson Elaine Tan said that based on airport statistics, foreign nationals who failed to present their ECCs comprised 33% of travelers who were denied departure. “It is unfortunate that we have to deny the travel of our foreign friends, but we have to implement the law”, Tan said.

8 April 2015

And don’t forget the 550 pesos (in cash) for the Airport tax.  If you don’t have that (in cash), they WILL refuse you exit.  I saw it it happening, the young Canadian lady had no Philippine cash left, and was about to be refused boarding. I was standing next to her, and had spare cash, so I paid it for her, against the advice of the Immigration officer.

Bureau of Immigration Offices and Phone Numbers


BI Main Office. Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila. Tel: (02) 527-5657.

Angeles City

Marquee Mall, Aniceto Gueco St, Angeles City, 2009 Pampanga. (Clark BI office has closed)


BI Regional Office. P Burgos Street, Tribunal, Mandaue City, Cebu. Tel: (032) 345-6442/6443/6444.


BI Regional Office – Davao. BI Building, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City, Tel: (082) 300-7258

We hope we have been of some assistance to you.

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I am from Comoros I was overstay for 2 year .. how much I have to pay ?

Guys i’m really scared. 18 years of overstay here. Leaving with my German passport. All the time i was under the impression that i would be qualified for dual nationality pero i was now told that because i failed to elect Philippine citizenship within 3 months of reaching the age of 23 i am therefore not qualified as a natural-born Filipino, despite one parent being Filipina. My mother was Filipina (now deceased), I can speak Tagalog and Bicolano fluently, eat Filipino foods, did my elementary and high school in the Philippines… I’m now really scared of exiting the country with my German passport after reading some of the comments here.

Hello my husband is German citizen and holding a permanent resident ACR CARD, does he need to get an exit clearance to live Philippines?

Thank you

Firstly, thanks for this page. There’s not a lot of good info out there.

I have a daughter born in the Philippines leaving for the first time. She has Australian citizenship by descent. She got stopped for no ecc. When we went to BOI manila they quoted 26 months overstay.

There’s two official invoices one ~44k, and a second ~7k and a scrap of paper with 3 lots of 25k on it! I’ve seen mention of a 25k arrears before but don’t know what it means but why 3 lots of 25k?

Further to this I spoke to an agent yesterday who seemed very certain it had changed for Filipino born with Filipino mother leaving for the first time child needs ecc only and is exempt from paying overstay??

She got given an exemption from ecc have you seen that? It looks different to the regular form.

An alien over fourteen (14 ) years of age who has stayed in the Philippines for six months or more is required to obtained an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) prior to his departure unless he obtains a certificate of exemption in his favor.

An ECC-A series is issued to an alien who is leaving the country for good. An ECC-B series is issued to an alien permanently or temporarily residing in the Philippines who is departing for a temporary sojourn abroad but who intends to return. A certificate of exemption is issued to an alien minor under fourteen (14) years of age.

This is the only reference I could find to it online in an Immigration manual I found online. Maybe it is up to their discretion. I was told about it by a travel agency.

I wish i could do this but i’m so scared and paranoid about following this strategy. Why? Because my last name is totally and undeniably German, an indicator of a potential dual national.

my eldest son was in the philippines born and raised. applied for his us passport almost immediately after birth. we had his passport renewed on 2019. my wife also got him a philippine passport also in 2019. we both thought he was overstayed which he really was. anyways when i went to the philippines to pick him up and take him back with me i just showed the airport his us passport only we were able to get through and arrive in the us with no problem. did i just get lucky?

i forgot to ask, are my kids considered to be overstayed since birth or when they became US Citizen? if its when they became us citizen shouldnt this pandemic be in consideration due to the pandemic? because i wanted to pick them up after they became us citizen but because of the pandemic i couldnt go to the philippines

hello i have 2 children born in the philippines and just applied for their birth abroad on dec 2020. they plan on leaving with their mom when my wife gets her petitioned approved do my children need an exit clearance? or what do my kids need for exiting the philippines?

What should i do if i want get ecc but im overstay here Philippines do i need to pay for my overstay ????????

blessed day, want to ask a question regarding the situation of my friend. She has a Chinese boyfriend it happens that her boyfriend arrested last year for the offense of physical slight injury and resisting arrest/disobedience to the authority. To make short the story admin needs your help to enlighten my friend on what would be the best possible thing she can do so that her boyfriend will be released. Her Chinese boyfriend still detained up to now in Taguig immigration detention for 1 year and 2 months. after her Chinese boyfriend got released from Paranaque Police station because they process and pay the bail. The sid police instead of letting him go home what they did is they bring the Chinese boyfriend of my friend directly to immigration and the police wrote a letter directly to the commissioner, stated that the Chinese boyfriend of my friend is undocumented/ illegal aliens. But the whole truth is that the police officer who wrote a letter to the commissioner is lying and inventing stories. Because it shows in the letter they submitted to the boi commissioner, that the information they indicated in the letter does not match the information of the Chinese boyfriend of my friend. Like the passport number, date of birth, and the police officer who wrote that letter lied because the Chinese boyfriend of my friend has a tourist visa and it was expired in January 2020 however before those incidents happen the tourist visa was extended and renew till April 21, 2020.. am not a lawyer and just ordinary Filipino citizen but base on my understanding is that what they did to the Chinese boyfriend of my friend is not right. Because during that time my friend does not know that her boyfriend got arrested and after paying the bail for the case filed physical slight injury and resisting arrest, the police did not release him. to let him go home because he doesn’t even have any relatives in the Philippines the Chinese boyfriend does not know what to do. He was been detained in Taguig immigration for a long time more than one year because he was been detained it came to the point that his tourist visa overdue last April 21, 2020, because the Paranaque officer after the Chinese boyfriend released from their custody march 20 2020 instead they let him to go home they did not allow the chines boyfriend of my friend to go home but they transfer to immigration detention which shows that it is taken advantage to the poor Chinese guy who does not know everything but he is a victim of abusive police who asking money to the Chinese boyfriend of my friend because the Chinese did not give money to the police officer he filed a case resisting arrest and disobedience to the authority which is not true. Admin, I want to help my friend how she can help her boyfriend because it’s not right anymore that her boyfriend still in detention. The PAO lawyer who handles the case of the Chinese in Paranaque, wondering and he asks my friend the reason why her boyfriend still on hold in immigration then my friend explained to the Pao lawyer the whole story of what really happens. Now with all respect Admin, I want to ask if it is possible that even the Chinese boyfriend of my friend is detained in immigration if it allows to process the extension and paying the penalty of his overstayed because he was in detention that he cannot able to extend anymore his tourist visa..and my friend also submits a motion for reconsideration to the office of immigration main. The court asked my friend why is it that the immigration put on hold the Chinese for what offense? When we go to the immigration detention to ask certificate of detention, they did not indicate on the detention certificate what is the reason why the Chinese being detained. She just told us that they just accept the Chinese custody committed in their facility since 20 of march 2020 as per commitment order LD/AGS-CO/]-20-71 sign by one of the legal division officers. Please help us what is the best way we can do so that the boyfriend of my friend can get his freedom and have a chance to extend his tourist visa. Thank you and God bless

I am not sure if you have read my letter regarding my grandnephew Brian was born in U.S and was brought by his mother to Philippines at 7 months old. She left her son with her mother and she went back to U.S. Now Brian is 24 years never left the Phil. He did not finish college because his parents could
not support him. He would like to go back to the States but Phil. Immigration is charging him more than
half million pesos for his 24 years of stay in Phil. I consulted the Philippines Consulate here in Houston
stated that a child born in U.S. of Filipino parents is an American citizen under U.S. law and a Filipino
citizen under Philippine law. This is because American citizenship is derived from the territory in which
the person was born while Philippine citizenship is derived from the parent’s citizenship.His mother is still a Filipino citizen and his father is now American citizen. So that means Brian has dual citizenship.

Hi good day,

I am alexis louie escobar last december I finally got my us passport valid for 10 years now this october I am planning to go back to US this october but the travel agency requires me to have a exit clearance certificate because I stayed here in the ph for 29 years but I also have a ph passport but expired hope you can help me on this matter ty

Hi, i hope you can advice me about my daughter concern. My daughter was born in united kingdom, she have only british passport because no body advice me to report in birth certificate in philippines embassy in london. Now she’s in philippines right now. Almost for 3years first they give 1year balikbayan visa free after i pay her every 2months for her visa now my concern was my daughter need to exit this may12 and i can’t because im applying for spouse visa to uk and my passport hold by vfs immigration so i went yo bureaue of immigration in manila extend my daughter visa for to 2 months only. But they want to pay 32000 for only 2 months visa extension because i need to pay arrears. Can you help or advise me to least or discounted the amount to pay for visa pls

I’m canadian citizen and I just sponsor my wife who got a Phillipine passport and my daughter born in Philippines and my daughter juat got het Canadian passport and she is canadian citizen since birth ( April 06, 2011. She will be needing ecc clearance to leave Philippines can you please give me some idea how much it will cost us to get her the ecc. Thank you

Hello.My ECC is valid till Nov 17 2016. I am on 9A and my SWP is valid till Nov 20 2016.But due to some reasons I would like to extend my stay here in philippines. Should i cancel my ECC ? What is the option i have in order to stay back here in phililippines?

Im indian holders married a Filipino cityzn nd 2 children’s over stay in Philippines last 5 year. Pls advise me permanently residents apply

Hi abcdiamond, my name is marites and i have a son who was born in canada to a canadian father and filipino mother and i took him down in philippines since he was 4 months. He is now 6 years old in the philippines, he has canadian passport and we just got his philippine passport i will going to get him this october 22 is our flight and we are using his canadian passport to exit the questions are; do we need to get ecc to exit thecountry even he has filipino passport?
How much do we have to pay for his overstaying in the philippines?
Please reply asap thank you

I am married to an indian national and have a 4 yrs old daughter with indian passport .she came her in the Phil’s. April 2013 and her visit visa is expired last June 2013. I was not able to extend her visa and as per to BI in Cebu last January the penalty costs 133k more or less.
My question is
*-.what do i need to do without paying that much coz we plan to go India early next yr.?

Hi abcdiamond
Its been more than 1 week since the day we flew from philippines to germany, we are lucky that we found your blog , it really help a lot especially to my son,,,, we are now here in germany last may 18 we flew and happy we are here now reuniting of my husband family…finally all is ok and weve done very well the ECC-A process in Immigration. Thanks a lot.and just want add some helpful Information about the ECC-a requirements and all for those who needed some info too…
Here are list:
Birth certificate of my son
Passport copy of my son, and mother passpOrt copy too for i am the legal parents of child that travel with him.
Itineray ticket
Id photo of child and mother

And because my son is just 1 year and 11 months that day i paid for about P 8,022.00 all.and this ECC-A can be apply a week before the departure date…i apply my ECC-a on may 11 and i get this may 16..thats all


Do they update the passport with sticker or stamp? Or just the ECC paper?

Hey! I have a Japanese passport, and Identification Certificate that states I’m a Filipino citizen, though I don’t have a Philippine passport.

I’m leaving the country temporarily for the first time, will I need an ECC? Or is my Identification Certificate enough to prove that I’m not a Foreign National, but a dual citizen?

After all there’s a clause that states, PH-born Foreign Nationals have to file an ECC if leaving for the first time.

Thank you so much for the answer.and i will update more about my process.anyone that already been in BI to get this Ecc.kindly post here.thank you

Thank you for your response ABCDiamond. Do you know if a philippine born foreign national requires and ARC-I card to apply for an ECC-A? If you’re not sure can you please refer me to the relevant informational hotline.

Dear ABC diamond, my child who is 1 year and 9 months old has a Filipino passport and also a British passport what she received in Januarary this year (The British one) My wife has to go to the BI on the 13th May to see them, will our daughter need an EEC? And also does my wife has to show both passports to them? Also how much will it all cost us. Could you guide us through what to do please?

Hi ABCDiamond, I need some clarification regarding the ECC. My Niece is a Philippine born Australian Citizen by Descent. She is currently 9 months old.
In your previous response to another question, I’ve noted the requirements for an ECC. I noticed that an ARC card was needed. On the immigration website, it lists down a few ARC-I Card types. Which one does she apply for and can she apply for the ARC card and the ECC on the same day?

Many thanks in advance

i am looking for the cost of ecc-A FOR MY SON this is the first time we will travel out of the country thats why we need this ecc-a,and we are supposed to leave philippines for good to germany as permanent residence visa this may 19,thank you and anyone who have been processed already ecc-a for there child hope fully you can post message here too so i can get an idea….thank you

i am filipina and my son was born here in philippines and he is 1 yr and 11 months old now and he just got his german passport last year of february and now we got our visa for permanent residence to germany which we are about to leave philippines this may 19 2016 .i just ask if as a child of 1 year and 11 months old does he still needs this ACR card?

my son was born is philippines may 25 2014 and this may 15 his 2 years old already,he is a german passport holder and we are about to leave the philippines may 19 with a permanent residence visa issued by german embassy but this time we have to get the ECC-A for my son as he is philippine-born foreign national that travel out of the country for the first time this have been told us in the immigration last april 29 which we about to leave but were offloaded due to lack of this ecc and now my ask is ,the requirements for ecc is it enough his passport,birth certificate,and baptismal,id picture and our visa to get this ecc and pay certain amount?how much would i pay for my son for he is already 1 year and 11 months?thank you :)just if you have idea…

Hi! My baby was born in the Philippines, he is 1 year old now, we need to go to russia (im Russian), so we got russian passport in embassy in march (so it was 2 months ago). Now he needs to get ECC? Even if he has russian citizenship for 2 months only, besides he has only NSO birth certificate, no filipino passport coz we didnt plan to travel.

Hi my friend born in US and is a dual citizen (British/American) though his mom is a Filipino. They went back here in the Philippines 15 years ago. His mom died 8 years ago and he was abandoned by his British-American dad. And now he is over staying here in the Philippines for 15 years. He still has his US passport but don’t have Philippine passport. Also, he have his special birth certificate from DFA to be able to study here in the Philippines.

Here are my questions:

1. We are planning to travel abroad. What are the processes to apply for a Philippine passport?
2. He still has his relatives in the US. What if he wants to go back to the US and continue his US citizenship does he need to pay for an overstaying (though he can’t afford) or grounds for deportation?

Do i need to get a clearance certificate in BI even im using philippine passport if im going to Australia as a first time immigrant? Im currently holding a provisional partner’s visa subclass 309. Thanks!

She don’t need no visa since she is US Citizen by birth, they are saying since they didn’t apply for dual citizen she overstayed there by three years that means that three years that she stayed there she was like tourist. Now my question is since her exit clearance is going to expired this Dec. 25,2015. And if they apply again for her next exit clearance is it the same payment what they paid the first time 12,000 pesos or just 500 pesos. Thank you.

My grand daughter was born in the Philippines Dec. 10, 2012, my son petition her and now my grand daughter is a US citizen. At that time we don’t know about dual citizen so when my son’s fiancée went to her seminar to CFO they told her that her daughter needs exit clearance since she doesn’t have Philippine passport. So they told her to go to the Immigration, the first time she went there they said she need to pay 5,000 pesos and submit of the requirements but when she went back the next day they said her daughter overstayed for almost 3 years since she has only US passport and they told her to pay 12,000 pesos, so she went back again the next day to pay for that amount 12,000 pesos. My question is since the exit clearance is good only for one month and is going to expired this Dec. 25,2015 and they can’t come here yet that day so my son’s fiancée called at the immigration and ask them how much she’s going to pay again if she will apply for another exit clearance and they told her same amount 12,000 pesos again, is this true. I need the answer ASAP.

can i apply a ecc here in cebu immigration since im from here.. how long its take to get one


ask ko lng nun anak 3 years old na may us passport then coming na nun phil passport nia. tanong k lng kailangan pb nia kumuha ng ECC sa BI miski meron na cia both passport.. I ned asap na sagot.

thank you

i would like to ask if i need exit clearance, i come in philippines 30 march 2015 and i have fly from manila at 30 september 2015 i have to got exit clearance?

I have a Quota Visa in a US passport. So it seems that I also need the ECC if I stay over 6 month and I can receive this at the airport – ECC-B as I will be returning within the month. Also I suppose I need to pay the travel tax? So I will pay travel tax and how much for the ECC-B and is this paid in the same place as the travel tax?

So confusing.

thats the case i have Visa so there is no need for my child to get the ECC.. and i talked to the immigration officer myself at the bureau of Immigration last week and they said there is no need for the child to get the exit clearance for he is a dual passport holder. i also have the message sent to me from the immigration that my child doesn’t need ECC.

if your child is born here in the Philippines and if he has a Philippine passport and a foreign passport, your child doesn’t need an Exit Clearance Certificate..

Ok I have tourst visa. been here over 6 months. I know i have to have ecc. ok question s im in iloilo.immigration here told me i can get ecc here in loilo. I asked them when i extend my do i go to manila or get it here same day in iloilo.
also phlippine national girl friend is now a usa ctezin. does she need ecc also ecc b maybe. she says no but want to make sure.

my 8 year old us citizen son left the Philippines last December 2014 and we paid 21,000 pesos for the ECC.

how can he leave the Philippines if his Philippine passport has no visa?

hi good day..
my son is 2yrs old and a philippine passport holder and an EMERGENCY ICELANDIC PASSPORT holder.. but his Philippine passport dont have visa because the ICELAND IMMIGRATION won’t give him a visa for he is an Icelandic citizen..
my question is what are the requirements to get an ECC for my son? because we can’t use his philippine passport because it has no visa..
and how much should i pay for an ECC?
and is it true that i have to pay for his 2years of overstaying here in the philippines?

yes that was said to me when i attend the seminar at the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) that i should get him an ECC and i have to pay for his overstaying here in the Philippines for two years because he is an Icelandic citizen..
i’m afraid we can’t depart on our day of departure because of this problem…
so i should get him an ECC in able for him to leave the Philippines?

Hii my son has philippines passport and british passport and We live here in japan we’re planning to go the philippines for 10 days when we going back here in japan do I need an exit clearance for my son?when we depart in the philippines thank you

so its confirmed that they go by last stamped entry into philippines?? Mine was oct 27 th 2014

I have been in the philippines 9 months, but not all at one time. was here 1 month then back to usa for 3 months then back to ph 4 months ths then back to usa 2 months and now back been here 4 months plan to stay another month. does that mean i been here 6 months total or is it 6 months from last arrivel? this is for ecc clearence

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