Philippine Tourist Visa Extension Fees using Philippine Travel Agent

Cost of getting a Philippine Tourist Visa Extended using a Travel Agent in Angeles City..

This is a normal costing for getting a Philippine Tourist Visa Extended for two months using a travel agent in Angeles City, Pampanga. Agents fees may differ at other offices and agencies. Some months have a higher charge at the Immigration office due to other requirements, eg: ACR Card.

Philippine Immigration Office Fees

PHP   300 Monthly Extension Application Fee
PHP 1000 Monthly Extension Application Fee
PHP   500 Express Lane Fee for Extension Application
PHP   500 Certificate Fee
PHP   500 Express Lane Fee for Certificate
PHP     30 Legal Reseach Fee

PHP 2830 Total Immigration Office Fees

Travel Agent Fees

PHP  782 Travel Agent Service Fees
PHP    78 VAT on service fees

PHP  860 Total Travel Agent Fees

Total cost of 2 month Visa Extension

PHP 3,690 Total Cost


The Express Lane Fee is NOT optional. It is compulsory, whether you are in a hurry or not. It is just part of the normal cost. Even if you apply early, say two weeks, and say ‘no hurry, you will come back for it in two weeks’, that fee is still payable.

When renewing after 2 months there is also the cost of the ACR I-card. This is a weird one as it costs US$50 (converted to PHP at the current rate) plus a PHP 500 Express Lane Fee.

When renewing after 6 months there is also the Certificate of Residence fee of PHP1,400.

87.1 - 840,832
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Some travel agents only charge 600 for this service

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