In the e107 website building system, which I have now used a few times to create various websites, I keep getting an error when I set up a new one.

It is the same error, and I have always forgotten how to fix it.

This error occurs when I am setting up a new theme or plugin, and the reply comes back with:

An error has occurred, unable to un-archive the file PCLZIP extract error: ‘PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4)’


Error: The filetype application/x-zip-compressed is not allowed and has been deleted. (1)

Well, the simple answer, as a reminder for myself, and anyone searching for this, is:

Rename the file: e107_admin/filetypes_.php to filetypes.php (remove the underline before the dot.)

Also check the filetypes that are permitted actually include the one you need.
The default filetypes are: zip, gz, jpg, png and gif.

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I would like to enable downloads on our website. Where do I find e107_admin/filetypes_.php so I can change it to filetypes.php?

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