Now the Killing Starts by Steve Cage

Now the Killing Starts by Steve Cage. ISBN 9780956591401 Now the Killing Starts

by Steve Cage.

Welcome to the brutal world of “Now The Killing Starts”.
A near-future Britain, in the middle of a freezing cold winter. A flamboyant pro-hanging Tory MP is brutally murdered. A young air cop assigned to investigate the case is suspicious about the death.

Hunter, a tough TV journalist, is shooting a BBC film about the killing and due to interview the cop. By the time he arrives, the cop has had his head blown off. Something big and Bond-like is going on but nobody can figure out the hell what. As he digs deeper, Hunter locks horns with the city’s nasty chief of police.

Romance beckons with a mysterious super-sexy woman who drives a talking, computer-controlled, missile-loaded 4X4. Soon Hunter uncovers a piece of evidence that threatens to expose those behind the killings. Now a marked man, he narrowly escapes death in a spectacular, explosive attack and goes on the run in the blizzard-swept north. There’s sex, murder, and mayhem galore, till Hunter – stark naked, covered in blood, about to be slaughtered – discovers the terrifying truth driving this rollercoaster ride of a story.

Relentless. Energetic. Cinematic. Modern. This title is the first in a continuing series already destined for the big screen.

Released Date: 01 April 2011
Paperback 416 pages
ISBN 13: 9780956591401
ISBN 10: 095659140X

Also available at:  (Prices at March 2011)




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