North Korea Tensions Oct 2022

4 October 2022
North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan on 4 October 2022.
The missile travelled 4,500km (2,800 miles) before falling into the Pacific Ocean – far enough to hit the US island of Guam if it took another trajectory.

Three days later.

7 October 2022
The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan launched a new round of naval drills with South Korean warships on Friday, a day after North Korea fired more ballistic missiles and flew warplanes in an escalation of tensions with its rivals.

The next day.

8th October 2022
North Korea says US carrier aggravates tensions.

North Korea warned Saturday the U.S. redeployment of an aircraft carrier near the Korean Peninsula is causing a ‘considerably huge negative splash’.

In North Korean mentally, the North Koreans firing Ballistic missiles over Japan is not classed as aggravating tensions, but the United States sailing an aircraft carrier in South Korean and international waters is.

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