Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Attack.

New intelligence reviewed by US officials suggests a “pro-Ukraine group” — likely comprised of Ukrainians or Russians — attacked the Nord Stream gas pipelines in September, but there are no firm conclusions.

US officials have stated that there was no evidence that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, or other Ukrainian government officials, were behind the attacks.

The attack on the pipeline in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark, on 26 September 2022, resulted in natural gas escaping into the Baltic Sea, and disrupting Russian gas supplies to Europe.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline normally supplies European Union states with about 35% of all the gas they import from Russia.

It has been reported that five men and a woman used a yacht hired by a Ukrainian-owned company in Poland to carry out the attack.

It is also reported that a captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a doctor made up the group.

Investigations are still active, and need to be concluded before looking at what follow-on actions might or may not be appropriate.

Map from BBC
Nord Stream Pipeline attack


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