New Nuclear Plants in the UK

Eight sites have been announced for the next generation of UK nuclear plants.

These are the sites that have been deemed suitable for new power stations by 2025.

  • Bradwell, Essex,
  • Hartlepool, Northumbria,
  • Heysham, Lancashire,
  • Hinkley Point, Somerset,
  • Oldbury, Gloucestershire,
  • Sellafield, Cumbria,
  • Sizewell, Suffolk,
  • Wylfa, Anglesey.

It is expected that these plans will easily pass the government bills.

Nuclear Power in other countries:..

Germany has decided to close all its 17 nuclear power plants by 2022.

The Swiss government has announced it will not replace the country’s five ageing nuclear plants after they reached the end of their lifetimes between 2019 and 2034.

France, already home to 58 of the 143 reactors in the EU, plans to expand its Nuclear Power plant program.

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