Mobile Phone Providers and Prefixes in The Philippines

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Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines all begin with the prefix 09, and are currently used by three major providers; Globe and the two PLDT subsidiaries (Smart and Sun).

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Philippines Mobile Cell Phone Prefix Codes

Each 4 digit prefix number beginning with 09, is allocated to an individual mobile phone provider, and these numbers are currently:

Prefix Provider   Prefix Provider   Prefix Provider
817 Globe 813 Smart 922 Sun Cellular
905 Globe 907 Smart 923 Sun Cellular
906 Globe 908 Smart 925 Sun Cellular
915 Globe 909 Smart 932 Sun Cellular
916 Globe 910 Smart 933 Sun Cellular
917 Globe 912 Smart 934 Sun Cellular
926 Globe 918 Smart 942 Sun Cellular
927 Globe 919 Smart 943 Sun Cellular
935 Globe 920 Smart
936 Globe 921 Smart Prefix Provider
937 Globe 928 Smart 973 Extelcom
994 Globe 929 Smart 974 Extelcom
996 Globe 930 Smart
997 Globe 938 Smart Prefix Provider
939 Smart 977 Next Mobile
946 Smart 979 Next Mobile
947 Smart
948 Smart
949 Smart
989 Smart
998 Smart
999 Smart

The Companies

Globe: The second largest telecommunications company in the Philippines
Touch Mobile (TM): is a brand of Globe Telecom,
Smart: (subsiduary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT))  also uses Talk N Text
Sun Cellular:  (subsiduary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
Extelcom: The first Mobile provider in the Philippines, but no longer operating.
Next Mobile: Maybe looking at a comeback into the mobile market

ABS-CBN Convergence – Another entry into the Mobile Phone market in 2013 ?

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Philippines Mobile Phone Service Market Share:

52% PLDT – Smart
32% Globe and TM
16% Digitel – Sun Cellular

67% PLDT – Smart and Sun Cellular
33% Globe & TM

Smaller Names:

Red Mobile A PLDT Smart subsidiary
Bayan Telecommunications offers the 1st prepaid CDMA phone that provides landline calling on the go!

1,231.1 - 585,557
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