mHits Money Sending Service

mHITs is a mobile payment service that lets you send and receive money by SMS..

mHITs (Mobile Handset Initiated TransactionS) is an Australian micropayment service which allows users to send and receive money via SMS.

But.. there are things that you need to know, but are not made very clear in the beginning:

If you are in Australia and want to transfer to your bank from the mHits service:

You can only transfer a maximum of $100 per day, and there is a $5 fee for each transfer.

You cannot transfer an amount under $20 back to your bank, and remember each transfer attracts a $5 fee.

Sending money to another person overseas.

Their website says: Send money overseas instantly from your mHITs account.

Yes, it goes instantly, but if the recipient does NOT have a compatible mwallet set up in the receiving country, there can be delays in getting the funds.

You Need to KNOW what an mWallet is.

Their website also says:

Q: Can anyone use mHITs?
A: Absolutely, so long as you have a compatible mobile phone and it can send and receive sms messages.

mhits 1  mhits receive

BUT… they also NEED to be registered with a compatible m-wallet or e-wallet operator in a supported country.

What is a Mobile Wallet?

IF NOT, then they need to arrange this, or the money gets refunded to your a mHits accounnt after about 10-14 days.

mHITS Instantly

mHits: Safe ? Easy ? Fast ?

Safe? It was safe, although on a $215 transaction I ended up losing $15 (because I didn’t know what an mwallet was, aned I wasn’t told about the $20 minimum transaction.

Fast? I sent $215 on 6h December. But the recipient did not have an mwallet. they did however have what mHits said was needed:  a compatible mobile phone
Unfortunately though, to apply for and get a compatible mwallet meant a 4 hour bus trip each way, and this wasn’t possible at the time, so the money was refunded to my account.

Easy ?..  I ended up going to a local 7-Eleven, and found that to be my best option for sending funds that could be accessed by the recipient in almost any location.

My Refund? I started with $215, and was told to transfer it back to my bank account with the Bank command.

I tried it:  bank 215.00

It replied with:

 mHits 215 refund

I then did two bank 100.00 transactions on my mobile phone and they worked.  Costing me $105 each.

It said I had $10 left, but when I tried to get that back, it said:

mHits 10 refund


Total given to mHits was $215.00

Total refunded was $200.00

A loss of $15 because their website did not make it clear enough.

When making my complaint, the answer was that i should have read all the terms and condition, for details of all costs and conditions.

That really meant:

DO NOT RELY on the basic details on the mHits web site

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