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In Australia it is unlikely that you will see many Mandarin varieties other than the Imperial, Murcott and Hickson.

Okitsu Satsuma Mandarin variety
Okitsu Satsuma Mandarin variety

The Tangerine, Satsuma and Clementine variety are something that I don’t think I have seen since I left the UK.

We do eat lots of Mandarins though, they are a regular part of our shopping.

Some comments from the Mandarin section on the Australian Citrus Growers website:

Okitsu Satsuma

Fruit from southern growing areas would compete with Queensland Imperials on Australian market. Short marketing season of 3 to 4 weeks before fruit becomes puffy and loses internal quality. Difficult to handle due to its ‘soft’ fruit characteristic.

Miho Satsuma

Similar to Okitsu satsuma, but could enter market one week earlier.
Taste test comparisons between the 2 Japanese satsumas, show the Okitsu has been the preferred selection.


Success with any of these clementines is yet to be consolidated. Many early plantings of these varieties in Australia have since been pulled-out or reworked.

Murcott –  The Honey tangerine ?

This is the second most widely planted mandarin in Australia with extensive fruit supply to both domestic and export markets (principally SE Asia).

Mandarin Varieties:

Afourer, Amigo, Arrufatina, Clausellina, Clementard, Clementine, Corsica , lementines, Daisy, Ellendale, Ellenor, Eloise, Encore, Fallglo, Fortune, Fremont, Hernandina, Hickson, Imperial, Miho, Murcott, Nova, Okitsu, Page, Pixie, Sunburst,Topaz

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