Life Expectancy Ages in History

People are living longer these days, and some official information shows how much it has changed.

The charts below are to give an indication only, as the actual figures vary enormously between different countries. An indication of this difference can be seen in recent years with the following examples:


  • Norway was 73.6 years
  • Mexico 57.3 years
  • India 42.3 years

but just forty years later, these countries life expectancy ages had become:


  • Norway 78.6 years
  • Mexico 74.0 years
  • India 62.5 years

Life expectancy age is based on a person date of birth, hence someone born in 1960 is expected to have an average life span of 73.6 years, while those born on 200 would have 78.6 years.

Life Expectancy 1700-2050
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217.1 - 811,073
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