Kupyansk, Ukraine. An example of Russian Liberation.

An example of Russian Liberation in Kupyansk, Ukraine.

In February 2022, Russian forces “liberated” Kupyansk from the Ukrainian government.

Russia had said that their “Special Operation” had been to rescue the people from the Ukrainian Nazi’s.

Kupyansk population was 27,000 before the Russian invasion, it is now only 5,000.

In September 2022, Ukraine forces recovered Kupyansk from the Russians.

Many stories about the Russian occupation then came to light.

The town’s mayor, Hennadiy Matsehora, allowed his town to be occupied without a fight, in his words, “to avoid human sacrifice and destruction of our infrastructure.”

Mykola Masliy, a local opposition leader, arranged a peaceful demonstration of locals, on the 6th day after the Russians arrived.
This resulted in the Russian troops shooting tear gas grenades into the protesting crowd, and arrests.
Mykola Masliy, was subsequently arrested and has not been seen since.

A lot of people who didn’t hide their pro-Ukrainian views ended up disappearing, and haven’t been seen since. A lot of young women disappeared, too.

The schools were equipped with Russian textbooks, and some teachers sent to Russia to learn the “correct” way to teach.

Government workers were told to use Russian as their working language, and that they now worked for the Russian government.

New detention facilities were created to cope with anti-russian comments.

Russian troops stole what they wanted.

Local residents, who may have disagreed with Russians, were found dead in a river with bags over their heads and their arms bound with tape.


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