Is Osama bin Laden Dead?

Osama bin Laden is being as confirmed Dead as at 3:45 am UK time May 2nd 2011

The President of the United States has confirmed that Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy seals in a targeted attack on Osama bin Ladens 2 story compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan in the early hours of May 2nd 2011 GMT.

President Obama has personally announced this event in a worldwide TV broadcast, at 4:36am UK time.

His body was identified from DNA records, and the body was buried, at sea, within the 24 hours required by Muslim tradition.

Information on bin Ladens location appears to date back to August 2010, but was confirmed with certainty only recently, prompting this raid which also resulted in a few other deaths of bin Laden supporters and relatives.

Parts of this story, with all the media reports does make me question out need for instant information, and the consequent issuing of such immediate information, whether accurate or not, by the major news broadcasters.

At some stages, of the early media announcements, we were told he had been blown up by a drone missile, shot in the head, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan…

It proves only one thing…

Ignore the initial reports of “anything”, wait for the panic of which Media outlet can be the first to report something, anything, true of false, and just sit back and see what the truth is later on.

One thing that I have found to be very interesting is that many of the earlier media stories, that I was reading before the Presidential announcement, are now no longer in existence.  Search engines still have headline references to some of the inaccurate stories, but on clicking through, the information in the headline is no longer in the story itself.


Earlier Recent Media Reports:

Reports have been stated that this may have happened within the last week, and that DNA tests have confirmed that the body, now in the US hands, is in fact Osama bin Laden.

US troops are reported to have killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

CNN reports state that he was killed in Islamabad by a US remote controlled Predator Drone.

CNN is reporting that Bin Laden was killed about a week ago by a US bomb.

A senior U.S. counterterrorism official said bin Laden was killed in a ground operation in Pakistan, not by a Predator drone.

CBS News reports that bin Laden was killed by forces in Afghanistan.

CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports from the White House that officials are saying bin Laden was shot in the head.

Watch President Obama’s address on bin Laden live via CBS

Al Jazeera is reporting that Afghan officials have confirmed that Bin Laden is now dead and that US authorities are in possession of his body.

The Reward for Osama bin Laden

Will the $25 million Bin Laden reward be claimed for this, or is it purely a military action with no intelligence used.


This is not the first time that his death has been reported, and many people feel that Bin Laden died many years ago.

A BBC story in Saturday, 9 January 2010 started with:

Osama Bin Laden died eight years ago during the battle for Tora Bora in Afghanistan, either from a US bomb or from a serious kidney disease.

Or so the conspiracy theory goes…




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