Income Requirement for UK Partner Visa

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To sponsor a Partner into the UK, there is a Financial Requirement..

To sponsor a partner into the UK, the sponsor (being a British citizen or settled person) must show that they can support their partner by earning an annual salary of £18,600, before tax. That figure is higher if children are included.  An extra £3,800 for the first child plus £2,400 for each extra child.

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It is also possible to rely on savings alone, if no income is available. That would be £45,600, or more if children are involved.

A combination of both Income and Savings can be done.


For just the partner: A salary of £10,000 plus £21,500 in savings (2.5 times the salary shortfall of £8,600).
Plus an extra £9,500 in savings for the first child, and an extra £6,000 for each extra child.


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