If You aren’t a Millionaire you are a Low-Achiever

Did  Sir Alan Duncan actually say: if you weren’t a millionaire you were a low-achiever ?..

The Labour MP Caroline Flint said she was saddened that Sir Alan Duncan appeared to say “if you weren’t a millionaire you were a low-achiever”.

What did Sir Alan Duncan actually say?

Shouldn’t the Prime Minister’s critics really just snap out of the synthetic indignation and admit that their real point is that they hate anyone who has got a hint of wealth in them?

So, the above had been translated to:

if you weren’t a millionaire you were a low-achiever

It is difficult to believe what we read in the news these days..

Sir Alan later tried to clarify his comments with this:

My point was that we shouldn’t discourage people who’ve done well in business from entering Parliament by sniping at wealth per se.

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