How To View Private Facebook Profiles

The website indicates that it is able to show people how they can see other peoples private Facebook pages and photos, with its information on Facebook Hacks, tricks, tips and tutorials.

I looked at it quickly today, after seeing it pop up in something I was looking for, and wondered just how safe my own family Facebook website was.

It seems that the changes that Facebook have made to its own security, have nullified most of the original content, but it should be a reminder for people not to use easily guessed passwords.  This reminds me of a famous password “letmein” 🙂

For those of you who are unaware of the risks of easy passwords, there are computer programs about that are able to run through every dictionary word, and try each word as a password entry on some websites.

One of my own sites was attacked recently, with over 14,000 attempts, at a rate of one every two minutes, carried out over a two week period.

Passwords with carefully positioned ‘!’ or ‘@’ or ‘&’ in the password itself, will make things a bit more secure.

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