How to boot into Safe Mode in Windows

Windows XP Safe Mode

Easy Way.

To get into Safe Mode when starting the computer, press the F8 key every few seconds, once the computer begins to start up,  until the screen options show the safe mode option.

Complex Way:

Click Start and select Run, then type msconfig into the box

Click on the BOOT.INI tab shown at the top of the System Configuration Utility window that appears.

Then select the Safeboot option followed by Restart

The PC will then automatically boot into Windows XP Safe Mode, every time you start your computer.

To get back to normal starting, you must do the same process again, but this time, select the Normal Startup button, instead of the Safeboot option, and click OK.

Click Yes to enter Safe Mode, or No to launch System Restore.

Note: Some systems will not have the msconfig.exe file in the system, making his option even more complex.

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