Housing and the Language of Scotland

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Scotland had a population of 5,295,000 in the 2011 Scottish census, with only 57,375 of these able to speak their own Gaelic language. Most of the Scottish population speak the Scottish-English dialect.

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One of these fluent Gaelic speakers is the Scottish Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, who has stated that she would be very supportive of a plan to create housing developments in Scotland where only those who speak Gaelic can live. SNP minister condemned for plan to BAN English-only speakers from Scottish housing estates

Kates Forbes is a Cabinet member of Nichola Sturgeon’s Scottish government.

A quote from Kate Forbes opening statement in November 2020 was: In the last few months, we have stood together as a nation, to help our neighbours and support our communities. www.snp.org/kate-forbes-snp20-conference

Now she seems to support separating the Scottish people based on language…

According to Wikipedia, the main language spoken in Scotland is English, while Scots (30%) and Scottish Gaelic (1%) are minority languages. The dialect of English spoken in Scotland is referred to as Scottish English.

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