English Pounds in Scotland

Can English Pound Notes be used in Scotland?

Bank notes issued by the Bank of England are the legal currency of the United Kingdom and are valid in all parts of the United Kingdom including Scotland.

Bank notes, issued by some of the Scottish banks, are accepted in Scotland, but are not classed as legal tender outside Scotland. Few places in England will accept them as payment.

Scottish bank notes

The three banks that are authorised, by the Bank of England, to issue banknotes in Scotland are:

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Clydesdale Bank
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland

These banks must, by law, set aside assets that are worth at least the value of all of the banknotes they have in circulation. This ensures that people with genuine banknotes issued by these banks receive a level of protection similar to people who have genuine Bank of England banknotes.  These assets can include genuine Bank of England banknotes.

The Bank of England is not responsible for the design of banknotes from these banks, or how well they resist counterfeiting.


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