Guantanamo Bay: My Journey by David Hicks

Guantanamo Bay: My Journey by David HicksGuantanamo Bay: My Journey

by David Hicks

In 1999 a young man from suburban Adelaide set out on an overseas trip that would change his life forever.

Initially, he was after adventure and the experience of travelling the Silk Road.

But events would set him on a different path. He would be deemed a terrorist, one of George W Bush’s ‘worst of the worst’. He would be incarcerated in the world’s most notorious prison, Guantanamo Bay.

And in that place where, according to an interrogator in Abu Ghraib, ‘even dogs won’t live’, he was to languish for five and a half years, suffering horror, torture and abuse, while Australians were told who he was – by politicians, the media and foreign governments.

Everyone had an opinion on him.

But only he knows the truth.

And now, for the first time, David Hicks tells his story.

  • Publisher: Random House Australia
  • Published: 16 October 2010
  • Format: Hardback 408 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9781864711585
  • ISBN 10: 1864711582

Priced at August 2011


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