Google Plus Automatic Photos Backup

For mobile phone users that do not have Google+ installed yet, or even for those that do, but don’t know what they have, here is a little information on the Google+ Photo Backup service.

Depending on how you install Google+, all your photos you take may be backed up somewhere in the world, on some unknown server. Possibly totally safe and for your eyes only, but even if you have deleted the photo from your phone, it may still exist somewhere on this vast Internet.

Very useful for some, if they know about it.
But scary for others who know nothing about what is happening.

There is probably a way to turn it off, but the easiest way for some is to close the Google+ account.
Some people, not as technologically advanced as others, may choose that option first.

When these options etc are created by the Technical Wizz Kids, they should test them on Technological beginners first. Experts seem to forget that some things are not as simple to some as they are to them.

Some say we should know what we are installing. And yes, they are right, we should read EVERYTHING in the conditions etc before clicking on “I Agree“.   The problem these days is that it is all so complex, that it would be easier to say “NO – Exit now, do NOT install


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