Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal (Paperback) by Terry PratchettGoing Postal

by Terry Pratchett

Suddenly, condemned arch-swindler Moist von Lipwig found himself with a noose around his neck and dropping through a trapdoor into … a government job?
By all rights, Moist should be meeting his maker rather than being offered a position as Postmaster by Lord Vetinari, supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork. Getting the moribund Postal Service up and running again, however, may prove an impossible task, what with literally mountains of decades-old undelivered mail clogging every nook and cranny of the broken-down post office. Worse still, Moist could swear the mail is talking to him. Worst of all, it means taking on the gargantuan, greedy Grand Trunk clacks communication monopoly and its bloodthirsty piratical headman. But if the bold and undoable are what’s called for, Moist’s the man for the job — to move the mail, continue breathing, get the girl, and specially deliver that invaluable commodity that every being, human or otherwise, requires: hope.

  • Publisher: HarperTorch
  • Published: 27 September 2005
  • Format: Paperback 409 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9780060502935
  • ISBN 10: 0060502932

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Also available on DVD: www.abcdiamond.com/going-postal-dvd-by-terry-pratchett

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