Facebook Messenger Notification Sound Keeps Changing

Messenger Notification Sound Keeps Changing..

Every so often, the Notification Sound for Messenger changes from the normal setting.

I have mine set to use “Messenger” sound. But every few weeks, I seem to stop getting notifications of messages, but there is actually the tiniest of beeps. After checking the “Notification Sound settings”, I then see that the sound setting is not longer “Messenger” but a number.

This number isn’t even listed on the options. Changing it back to any of the listed options for the chosen sound, gets it working again… Until the next time.

Default Sound 9685

The last time this happened to me, my Notification Sound changed from “Messenger” to “Default Sound 9685”.
This is on the Samsung J5 using Android 5.1.1

Messenger Notification Screenshot_2016-08-01-09-49-41 Messenger Notification Screenshot_2016-08-01-09-50-19

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