Economic Principles 2nd Edition

Economic PrinciplesEconomic Principles 2nd Edition..

by John Jackson, Ron McIver and Christopher Bajada

Now in it’s second edition, Chris Bajada from UTS, takes an exciting new approach to teaching business students the essentials of economics. This text is designed for the one semester subject with thirteen core chapters and six supplementary extension chapters.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Introduction
Ch 1, The General Principles of Economics
Appendix to Ch 1, Graphs and their meaning
Part 2: Core Chapters – Microeconomics
Ch 2, Demand and Supply
Ch 3, Market Behaviour – Elasticity, Tax and Price Controls
Ch 4, The Costs of Production
Ch 5, Pure Competition and Monopoly
Ch 6, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
Ch 7, Market Failure and Resource Allocation
Part 3: Core Chapters – Macroeconomics
Ch 8, The Macro Environment and its Measurement
Ch 9, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Ch 10, Fiscal Policy and Public Debt
Ch 11, Monetary Policy and the Financial System
Ch 12, Economic Resources and the Labour Market
Ch 13, The International Monetary System
Part 4: Extension Chapters
Ch E1, The Theory of Consumer Behaviour
Ch E2, International Trade and Protection
Ch E3, The Pricing of Economic Resources
Ch E4, The Aggregate Expenditure Model and the Multiplier
Ch E5, The Economics of Growth
Ch E6, The Development of Macroeconomic Debates

Published: 01 July 2007
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Australia
Format: Paperback 720 pages
ISBN 13: 9780074717110
ISBN 10: 0074717111

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163.1 - 810,877
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