Donald Trump to end Birthright Citizenship in US

Will Donald Trump be able to end Birthright Citizenship in US..

Recent news is saying that Donald Trump wants to end Birthright Citizenship in the United States, but it seems the wording is slightly confusing.

What exactly is Birthright Citizenship?

From the reports that I have read on this, the stories vary between only giving Citizenship to children of Citizens, to only denying Citizenship to children of Illegal immigrants.

I doubt if either of these extremes is correct.

This is one statement that seems close, but note that it is saying what the proposal probably would be. Does anyone know the exact proposal yet.

  • The proposal, which is sure to face challenges in court, would probably seek to deny citizenship only to children born in the US to unauthorised immigrant parents.

Most other countries that have gone through this process, allow citizenship to babies born to either a Citizen or a Permanent Resident of the country. That seems a logical choice, and maybe the one that Trump is thinking about. Being able to explain his actual ideas, what he really wants, is not his best point.

Which Countries give full Birthright Citizenship?

Out of the Developed countries only the US and Canada remain as providing full Birthright Citizenship. Most other countries used to do this, but have changed their rules over time to offer it only to children of Citizens or Permanent Residents that are born in that country.

A common method is that a baby born to a Citizen has the same Citizenship of the parent, no matter where in the world it is born, and a baby born to a Permanent Resident has the Citizenship of that country, if the baby is born in that country. The baby will also normally have the parents Citizenship.

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