Domain Name Expiration Notice

One of my Domain names is due for renewal in a few months, and I just received a “Domain Name Expiration Notice” from the Domain Renewal Group.  This was received by normal post, not email, so it seemed like a genuine renewal notice.

My first reaction was that the annual cost had risen since I bought this domain last year, from $10 up to $45. !!

But then I looked closer at this “Domain Name Expiration Notice”, and it wasn’t actually a renewal after all, but an invitation to switch to another Domain registering company, at a higher price.

Even though they did nothing legally wrong, as they do say this is not a bill in their wording, my guess is that some people will switch to them without realising they are switching.

This is a reminder to always read everything carefully.

Having just checked who I actually registered this domain with originally, I have also confirmed it will still be $10 for renewal in July 🙂

This group also operate in the UK, with a London address, mine had a Melbourne address, but both have the same US Telephone number.

After a bit more checking, I found more information on them, and on other Domain name scammers at:

54.1 - 822,616
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