Dizziness, Loss of Balance, Vertigo and Internet Diagnosis

Sometimes I despair at the amount of information on the Internet, and I often ask myself, if I am doing the same as others.  Do I put genuine real valuable information on my pages?  I know that I try to, it is my intention, and actually the reason I have found the information is often because I need it for myself…

So, Yes, I AM feeling Dizzy, and I want to find out why, and I will share my results.

We all get feel a bit lightheaded at times when we get up suddenly, well, I should say many of us do.  But that is just normal, and it lasts only a second or two.  I was always told that was common for people with low blood pressure, and as mine is normally about 110/60, those odd times are not worth even thinking about.  But now, at more than 10 times per day, with only small movements triggering it, I decided to check it out…  Especially as my Blood Pressure went up by 25% to 132/75…

  • It has been estimated that 65% of individuals older than 60 years of age experience dizziness or loss of balance, often on a daily basis. http://www.accessingsafety.org/?page=294&alert=show
  • Forty percent of patients over age 60 have experienced dizziness severe enough to affect their daily activities. http://my.clevelandclinic.org/symptoms/dizziness/hic_what_is_dizziness.aspx
  • Nearly one third of all adults over the age of 65 years experience dizziness, falls or balance problems. http://www.metrohearing.com/dizziness-balance-causes-disorders-treatment.html
  • About 20% of sufferers over the age of 60 report that dizziness interferes with their daily lives. http://www.pdrhealth.com/diseases/dizziness-and-vertigo/diagnosis

Hmmm…  It seems that somewhere between 20% and 65% of people over 60 suffer from this.  I wonder how accurate the rest of the information is?

What causes Dizziness, Vertigo or loss of balance?

Medications are one possibility, as there are apparently over 5,000 medications listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference that may cause dizziness or disequilibrium.  I wonder if Paracetamol is on the list ?  I now have a headache…

I think I will go back to the Doctors 😉  Not sure about DIY for health 😀


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