Creative WP-250 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Creative wp-250With the Creative WP-250 Bluetooth® headphones with “invisible mic”, not only can you make and receive phone calls wirelessly, you can enjoy your favorite tracks on the move.

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Designed for today’s active lifestyles, the WP-250 has an in-ear, behind-the-neck design that offers a secure fit during any physical activity.
It also features an invisible microphone for pristine-clear, hands-free phone conversations.

With Bluetooth connectivity, nothing gets in your way – including tangled wires! – so you can stay focused on your workout while immersed in clear wireless music.
Adding to the WP-250’s superior audio qualities are acoustically tuned Neoydymium drivers.
Ideal for use with compatible stereo Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or MP3 players, you’ll also enjoy basic remote control operations like play, pause and skip track.

That’s not all.

USA Price:
UK Price:

A flexi-memory neckband provides a secure fit when worn and can be neatly coiled for travel.
A fully charged battery offers hours of uninterrupted music listening and talk time – more than enough for that gym workout or hitting the streets!

Creative WP-250 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Invisible Mic

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The best price that I found in Australia on 22 Dec 2011 was: $66.71 (Inc. GST) but with delivery at $15.95, a Total of: A$82.66
This was from

287.1 - 585,560
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