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Charlie Sheen ?

The future of Two and Half Men: …/two-and-a-half-men-and-ashton-kutcher

I have two opinions on Charlie Sheen.

I always liked watching most of his appearances, and he appeared a good actor, and a very well paid one at the end, with about US$1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men. Wonder how it feels to be told that is now at an end ?

Not sure I can print what I think about him now…. he does seem to be a little bit out of control.

A few of the films and series he has been in over the years


Hot Shots
Red Dawn
The Three Musketeers
Terminal Velocity
Being John Malkovich

TV Series

Spin City
Two and a Half Men


It appears that Charlie Sheen also wrote some books…

Peace of My Mind Poetry by Charlie Sheen

Hot Shots by Charlie Sheen

Major League by Charlie Sheen

Two and Half men

(my own new version)

The New Beginning..

Charlie Harpers fatal accident is followed by the reading of his will, in which he leaves everything to Jake. And there is a lot more in his bank accounts than anyone thought, as he has been putting money away and forgetting it.

Jake who now owns the Malibu residence, and enough money to follow in Charlies lifestyle footsteps, starts in the way he means to go on, with a party / wake to celebrate Charlies life, and inviting many girls from Charlies old black book.

Alan is fortunate in being allowed to stay at the residence, courtesy of a condition placed in the will by Charlie.

Herb meanwhile is no longer living with Judith, and he moves in to the Malibou residence “temporarily”….

This leaves two and a half men… but with quite some difference…

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The ninth season of Two and a Half Men premieres in the United States on September 19, 2011

From reports at TMZ it appears that Charlie Sheen will be celebrating the funeral of his character, Charlie Harper, who is being killed off in Paris.

A bit different to my own story line creation, and it will be interesting to see how the new character, the billionaire Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher, will be incorporated into the story.

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