Changes to the British Monarchy

Reforms to the British Monarchy now being implemented include:

The FIRST child of a current Monarch will now become King or Queen, this marks the end of the male primogeniture rule.

Any heir to the throne who marries a Roman Catholics is now allowed to inherit the throne.


Prior to these changes, the male primogeniture rule meant that the first male child would inherit the throne even he had an older sister.

Also anyone who married a Roman Catholic was excluded from the line of succession.

Obviously any Monarch cannot convert to Catholicism themselves though. That would be like the Pope becoming a Protestant, as the Monarch is the head of the Church of England.

The official website of the British Monarchy:

While thinking about the relevance of the Monarchy today, I read this section from the Royal Website:

The Queen also has an essential role in providing a sense of stability and continuity in times of political and social change. The system of constitutional monarchy bridges the discontinuity of party politics.

While political parties change constantly, the Sovereign continues as Head of State, providing a stable framework within which a government can introduce wide-ranging reforms.

It made me think a bit deeper about things…

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