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Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season One

Episode 1 – A Territorial Chihuahua and a Floor-Fearing Giant

In this episode we meet NuNu the Chihuahua, an adorable, pint-sized hellion. Fiercely territorial, NuNu lets no one near his owner Tina, not even Tina’s housemate, Barclay, the one who convinced Tina to bring the dog home from the rescue shelter.

Episode 2 – A Dog-Aggressive Pup and a Neurotic Chinese Crested

Lumbering and affable Opie is like Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde. A charmer around people, he becomes frighteningly aggressive around other dogs. His owner, Suzanne Ohanesian is at the end of her rope. She loves her dog, but she may have to give him up if she cannot get this behavior under control.

Episode 3 – A Nervous-Biting Vizsla and Noise-Aggressive Sheltie

When the Kleins beloved Vizsla passed away, they decided to search for another of this rare breed. Alas, Ruby was anything but the loyal, obedient water dog that the Vizslas are known to be. Scared of nearly everything, Ruby deals with her neuroses by biting. With 10-year old twins and lots of other children coming through the house, the Kleins will have to give Ruby up for adoption if her bad habits continue.

Episode 4 – Groomer-Fearing Maltese and a Water-Obsessed Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Anxiety comes in many forms. In the first story we meet Josh, a lively Maltese who will not let anyone with a brush or pair of scissors near him. He would much rather chase the vacuum cleaner or run in circles around the house. Just try to keep him still and you might get bitten.

Episode 5 – A Wheel-Obsessed Shepherd/Lab Mix and a Shadow-Aggressive Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Circles and light. Sounds like the a bestseller in the new age section of your local bookstore. Alas, there is nothing calming about either of these items for the two dogs in this episode.

Episode 6 – An Aggressive Boxer and an Anti-Leash Shitzu

The Alberts loved their Boxer, Moca, so much they decided to adopt another Boxer named Coach. Unfortunately, Coach was nothing like Moca. Coach is destructive from the start and to make matters worse, he becomes aggressive, biting and attacking people. When a man claims that Coach attacked him, he reports the incident to the pound, who in turn cite the Alberts.

Episode 7 – A Dog-Scared Puli and a Skittish Rescue Dog

Michael Seligman produces the Academy Awards but his dog needs acting lessons to make him socially adept. Every time Slick, a rare white Puli, gets around other dogs he gets stage fright and hides behinds Michael’s legs. Michael and his girlfriend Teresa, rescued Slick from a life of living in a crate for fifteen hours a day.

Episode 8 – A Spinnng Pug/Pekingese and a Herding-Obsessed Bouvier

Nadia Krim recently lost her beloved macho bulldog Barkley. In the wake of his absence, she was reticent to “replace” him, but felt that Ava, a fluffy female Pug/Pekinese was a far enough cry from Barkley. While Ava looks cute in the many costumes Nadia outfits her with, it’s difficult to admire while she’s spinning.

Episode 9 – A Busy-Bodied Pit Bull and a Dog-Aggressive Rott/Shepherd Mix

When it comes to pets, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Single mom, Athena Blakely and her daughters wouldn’t mind if sometimes Maya, their affable Pit bull, would make herself a little less at home. Maya insists on being intimately involved in all operations of the household, including dinner (stealing the food off of the stove), yard work (biting the rake & digging up the garden), leisure time (biting the girls’ ankles when they play on the swings), and even sanitation (swiping the garbage from the kitchen bin and burying it in Athena’s bed).

Episode 10 – A Possessive Maltese and a Spinning German Shepherd

Heidi Wasserman inherited Bubba, a Maltese, whose previous owner spoiled him rotten. Now Bubba is a very possessive dog. If someone gets up to simply leave the room to Bubba will nip at them, in an attempt to make them stay. Bubba also guards his objects with ferocity. In addition, he has quirky neuroses, such as jumping up on the dashboard of the car when Heidi runs the windshield wipers. The challenge for Cesar will be to get this anxious dog calm and focused.

Episode 11 – An Anti-Social Dog-Aggressive Pit Bull

With her white German shepherd, “Shep,” Cynthia Holvenstot is another dog owner who suffers from too much of a good thing. When Shep wants affection, he’s never shy about jumping on top of her…often while she’s trying to work in her garden. Here’s the catch – since Cynthia is wheelchair-bound, Shep’s “loving” often leaves her helpless on the ground, with her chair on its side.

Episode 12 – A Chew and Bark-Obsessed Mastiff and a Snapping Chihuahua

Marsha Alexander has been rescuing animals for most of her life. Her newest project, Hank, a rescued Mastiff, had previously been seriously abused and neglected. A determined animal lover, Marsha has been slowly able to work with him, and there is no doubt he has come a long way. Unfortunately, window panes, door frames, walls, and anything else Hank can get his teeth on have been ruined.

Episode 13 – A Lapdog Shepherd and a Rubber Boot-Fearing Shepherd/Corgi Mix

With her white German shepherd, “Shep,” Cynthia Holvenstot is another dog owner who suffers from too much of a good thing. When Shep wants affection, he’s never shy about jumping on top of her…often while she’s trying to work in her garden. Here’s the catch – since Cynthia is wheelchair-bound, Shep’s “loving” often leaves her helpless on the ground, with her chair on its side.

Episode 14 – A Walk Crazy Mutt and a Dog-Aggressive Rottie

Hollywood director and producer Bob Weide and his wife Linda had not intended to be dog owners. However, during a trip to the SPCA, the couple was expecting to simply drop off some cat toys, not leave with Jake, a mixed breed dog who caught their eyes. Now Jake is a member of the Weide family. Unfortunately, while on walks, Jake tends to mind Bob, but when Linda has the reigns, he goes crazy at the sight of any other animal.

Episode 15 – An Owner-Obsessed Yorkie and a Spoiled Dalmatian

Allen Medvin and Tanya Vener breed Yorkies. They love their Yorkies so much that they let all 9 Yorkies sleep on their bed with them. Scrawny, one of the Yorkies, is Allen’s favorite. Allen pays so much attention to Scrawny that he’s created a monster in her. Scrawny will attack anyone or any dog that comes between her and her beloved Allen.

Episode 16 – An Unpredictable Aggressive Beagle and a Dog-Aggressive Pup

Eight years ago, Janet Cantebury’s kids brought home J, a female Beagle. Janet had no clue this adorable Beagle would have so much baggage! J, now 12-years old, continues her unpredictable, strange aggression. For no reason, J may start barking or growling viciously. After J nipped the leg of a postal lady, the Post Office stopped delivering not only Janet’s mail, but the entire neighborhood’s mail!

Episode 17 – A Hyper-Active Miniature Doberman Pinscher and a Fearful Pit Bull

Daniela and Chad adopted Caper, a miniature Doberman Pinscher, from a rescue organization, only to find that she had never been trained, doing whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it. Her weird behaviors include running away to chase balls, sitting in her safety bed for only a few seconds at a time, running like mad around the backyard in a game with the cat, and barking at you to get a ball.

Episode 18 – A Biting Border Terrier and an Excitable Bulldog

Elisa & Nicole enjoy their large Italian family; however the family is not enjoying Bella anymore! Bella is a 2-year old Border Terrier that bites anyone that comes near the house or near the family. All entertaining at the Francescon home has stopped, because friends and family are afraid of Bella.

Episode 19 – A Seperation Anxious Doberman and a Biting Yellow Lab

Sunshine is a perfect champion Doberman in the show ring but on street, she can’t wait to get her teeth on another dog. Any time another canine approaches her, she attacks it. Also, she has become terribly attached to Michelle, her owner…so much so that Michelle can’t even go out on dates alone!

Episode 20 – An Walk-Aggressive Brittany Spaniel and an Anti-Social German Shepherd

Goldie is a Brittany Spaniel who thinks she’s a sled dog when she goes for a walk. Goldie is a wonderful, friendly dog but she doesn’t know how to walk on a leash. When she goes on walks she pulls so hard she chokes herself.

Episode 21 – A Violently Dog-Aggressive Rottweiler

Nicki, a 4-year old black Rottweiler, suffered terribly in his first life. His first owners were a homeless man and woman who left him tied under a bridge with a painful wire hanger collar. Nicki was rescued and taken to a vet who had to surgically remove the wire collar that had grown into his neck. His next owner wanted a watchdog and not a pet so Nicki lived a lonely life, always outside on a cement slab.

Episode 22 – A Child-Aggressive Westie and an Aggressive-Playing Pit Bull

Percy, a picture-perfect three year old West Highland White Terrier, was rescued via the Internet and now has come to live with Diane Engstrom. Percy is a handful, biting anyone who tries to touch his hindquarters. Also, his aggressiveness towards children is what landed him in the adoption center to begin with.

Episode 23 – A Barking Chow/Golden Retriever Mix and a Bad Mannered Beagle Mix

Stewart, a Chow/Golden Retriever mix, was rescued from the pound by Damon and Deborah Carr who chose her because she was the only dog in the shelter that wasn’t barking. As soon as Stewart became familiar with her new home, the barking began. Any time Stewart is in an uncomfortable or new situation she starts to bark and growl.

Episode 24 – A Tail-Chasing Dalmatian and an Obsessive Compulsive Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle

Lucy is an odd Dalmatian. At times, she suddenly screams and attacks her tail. At others, she snarls towards larger dogs. Once they notice her, she turns in circles and attacks her own tail. She is affectionate one minute and biting the next. Caroline and Ron, Lucy’s owners, have just had a baby, 3-week old Callison.

Episode 25 – A Horse-Chasing Herding Dog Mix and an Escaping Yellow Lab

Rochelle Wyse and Melissa Sanders rescued Sophie, a herding dog mix, because they thought she’d be good dog around horses. Much to their chagrin, Sophie is a royal pain in the horse—she likes to bite their noses, and even though she’s been kicked, she loves to nip and chase them.

Episode 26 – A Non-Trusting Shepherd Mix and an Overprotective Bully

Two years ago, the Eble’s Golden Retriever, Ginger, came home with a limping, skinny, marked up “boyfriend.” The Ebles tried to shoo him away but to no avail. Boyfriend, a shepherd mix, seemed okay with people but has always been fearful. He has targeted Anita’s friend David, and has bitten him four times to date.

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Two

Episode 1 – A Water-Obsessed Labrador and Leg-Chomping Chihuahua
Brady, Bandit and Hootie
The new season of Dog Whisperer starts with a splash as we follow the progress of a water-obsessed Labrador. Plus, Cesar has his hands full with a pooch with performance anxiety and a leg chomping Chihuahua. It’s a season premiere you can really sink your teeth into.

Episode 2 – A Pig-Obsessed Pug, a Fearful Shepherd, and Devious Dachshunds
Sonny, Chocolate & Cinnamon and Boo
A human psychologist calls in the big guns when her pet pug and pet pig get a little rowdy. Cesar coaxes an emotionally scarred Shepherd from under a desk. Plus, find out why two Dachshunds named Chocolate and Cinnamon make quite an unsavory mix.

Episode 3 – A Small-Dog-Bully Lab/ Staffordshire, a Circle-Spinning Poodle, and Skateboard-Hungry Bulldog
Buddy, Teddy and Matilda
Buddy is a Lab/ Staffordshire mix who is anything but friendly to smaller animals in the neighborhood. Teddy is a poodle that can’t stop running in circles. And if that’s not enough to make your head spin, Cesar faces off with a bulldog who’s obsessed with attacking skateboard wheels.

Episode 4 – A Ferocious Jindo, a Wild Great Dane, and a Mourning Boxer
JonBee, Violet & Hudson and Buford
After rescuing thirty-seven stray dogs, actor Scott Lincoln meets his match with a ferocious stray Jindo named JonBee. A crazy Great Dane wreaks havoc on house and home and a sad boxer constantly mourns the death of a beloved mate. See how Cesar makes nice in doggyland

Episode 5 – Katrina Dogs, Feuding Pups, and Toys, Towels and Trampoline-Hungry Dog
Isis & Tina, Nugget, and Katrina Dogs
Cesar embarks on a special mission to help the canine victims of Hurricane Katrina. He also encounters a couple who fell in love —until their dogs met, and a big dog’s dangerous appetite for toys, towels and trampolines.

Episode 6 – Attack Dog Rotties, a Biting Pooch, and a City-Scared Visla
Buddy, Tiger & Roxy, and Booker
Cesar tries to rehabilitate two Rottie pups before they grow into dangerous attack dogs. Then, Linda and Rich call Cesar to help them with Buddy, who turns out to be quite the biter. And finally, photographer Michael Forbes’ countrified Visla cowers and cringes at the sights and sounds of the city.

Episode 7 – Dog Park Deviant Dobermans, Big Dog Bully Pomeranian, and an Attacking Terrier
Duke & Lulu and Sparky
Karen’s Dobermin mix is barred from dog parks for not only fighting, but instigating other dogs to fight. Emily’s Pomeranian tends to bit off more than she can chew by picking on dogs twice her size. Plus, a therapeutic terrier helps AJ control anxiety, but tends to attack other dogs on walks.

Episode 8 – Ferocious Min Pin, an Overprotective Pug, and a Stubborn Bassett Hound
Chip, Lucy, Hank & Betty, and Leo
The terrible twos hit Chip with a vengeance. This Min Pin turned ferocious, biting and even drawing blood from his owner’s family. Thankfully, Cesar comes to the rescue. Then Denise Richards’ pug gets a little over protective and aggressive towards visitors. Can Cesar help Denise avoid a costly, pug-induced lawsuit?

Episode 9 – Love-Seperating Pups, an Aggressive German Shepherd, and a Loud-Mouthed Sheltie
Spike, Jake & Nugget, and Wendell
Cesar steps in to save a marriage as Patricia and Tyler’s dogs don’t quite get along. Then, Cesar confronts a family’s German Shepherd that’s so aggressive, the German Shepherd rescue center wouldn’t take him back. And finally, Jake is a loud-mouthed Sheltie that barks at everything, especially during car trips.

Episode 10 – A Canine Misfit, a Biting Shepherd Mix, and TV-Aggressive Shar-pei
Pasha, Cosmo, and Contessa
Despite hiring a private trainer, Pasha still lashes out at people, especially children. Can Cesar socialize this canine misfit? Cosmo is a shepherd mix bent on breaking up his owner’s marriage. He’s bitten several people including the postman.

Episode 11 – A Player-Biting Maltese, a Temper-Tantrum-Throwing Pomeranian, and a Shopping-Cart-Attacking Rottweiler
Princess, Prada and Bearz
Los Angeles Lakers executive Jeanie Buss asks Cesar Millan to take the Cujo out of Princess, her player-biting Maltese. Next, Cesar meets Prada, a pampered Pomeranian who throws vicious temper tantrums, and Bearz, a Rottweiler who attacks shopping carts.

Episode 12 – Katrina Dogs Revisited, and Floor-Fearing Shepherd and and Chocolate Lab
Katrina Dogs Part 2, Major Jones and Josie
Find out what happened to the dogs abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Is a reunion with their owners in store for any of them?

Episode 13 – A Boogie Boarding Beagle, a Protective Shepherd Mix, and an Aggressive Lab/Beagle Mix
Eppie, Lady and Snoopy
Cesar meets a Beagle with a passion for Boogie boarding, a Dalmatian/German shepherd dangerously protective of her owner, and a Lab/Beagle mix that became alarmingly aggressive after moving to a new area.

Episode 14 – A Destructive Akita, a Non-Eating Newfoundland, and an Escaping Shiba Inu
Greta & Hoss, Storm, and Chula
Can Cesar help Hoss, a young Akita, control his aggression and save his family’s house from being destroyed? Newfoundland Storm won’t eat. After numerous trips to the vet and no solid answers, the family is calling in Cesar.

Episode 15 – Prison Pups and Bullying Bulldogs
Pups on Parole, Eton & Dolly
Cesar goes to jail to help wayward humans rehabilitate wayward pups through a program called “Pups on Parole.” Then we visit the home of former Canadian Football League player Jeffrey Tafralis as Cesar sees if he can make the family’s beloved Bulldogs play fair.

Episode 16 – A Pair of Vicious Min Pins, a Rock-Obsessed Pit Bull Mix, and Man-Hating Terrier Mix
Vicki & Taz, Punkin and Maddy
Two vicious Min Pins endanger a couple’s home-based business, and a Pit Bull mix develops an unhealthy fascination with chewing on rocks.

Episode 17 – A Bully Bull Terrier, an Anxious Shelter Dog, and a Neurotic Yorkie
Bikini, Fella, and Winston & Oliver
Cesar is called in to stop the bullying antics of Bull Terrier Bikini, who tries to attack any dog bigger than her and has an irrational fear of having her nails trimmed. Then Cesar helps Cindy and Sidney deal with their shelter dog Fella’s extreme separation anxiety.

Episode 18 – Enemy German Shepherds, a Terror Beagle, and a Selfish Bichon
Pete and Dax, Sugar ad Snowflake
Brigitte has been playing musical chairs with her three German Shepherds for six years, making sure that two of them, Pete and Dax, never have contact. Can Cesar stop this ridiculous rotation? Then Cesar visits the Formans whose adopted Beagle Sugar has proven to be rotten to the core, terrorizing the Formans’ grandchildren and chewing up anything in sight. Can Cesar reduce this Sugar high?

Episode 19 – Cesar’s Toughest Cases: Skateboard-Hungry Bulldog, a Groomer-Fearing Maltese, and an Aggressive Jindo
Matilda, John, and JonBee
For twenty years, Cesar has dealt with all types of canines, with problems ranging from stubborn Bulldogs to nasty little Chihuahuas to powerful breeds with red zone aggression. In this episode, we feature several of Cesar’s toughest cases

Episode 20 – Power of the Pack
Dogs from Dog Psychology Center
Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center is both home and refuge to nearly fifty dogs, boasting canines from celebrity clients to those deemed “unfixable,” to dogs belonging to the Millan family itself. From Punkin’s severe rock obsession to three dogs affected by Hurricane Katrina and many others, Cesar and his pack have helped rehabilitate even the worst cases

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Three

To follow

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Four

To follow

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Five

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Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Six

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Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Season Seven

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