Business Statistics Abridged

Business Statistics AbridgedBusiness Statistics Abridged

by Eliyathamby A. SelvanathanSaroja SelvanathanGerald Keller

This text emphasises applications over theory. It illustrates the importance of statistical methods and tools for today’s managers and analysts, and how to apply them to business problems using real-world data.
Using a proven three-step Identify-Compute-Interpret (ICI) approach to problem-solving, the text teaches students how to:
(1) Identify the correct statistical technique by focusing on the problem objective and data type;
(2) Compute the statistics doing them by hand and using Excel; and
(3) Interpret results in the context of the problem.

This unique approach enhances students’ comprehension and practical skills. Students find relevance in a wide variety of exercises and cases. Examples draw on the statistical applications used by marketing managers, financial analysts, accountants, economists, and from throughout the business world.
Many students struggle with statistics. This textbook provides a robust learning pedagogy to make statistics accessible. Students find the material easy to understand and easy to apply in the business environment.

  • Publisher: Cengage Learning Australia
  • Published: 16 December 2010
  • Format: Paperback 880 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9780170184816
  • ISBN 10: 0170184811

Priced at August 2011


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