Book: Australia and New Zealand Nursing and Midwifery Drug Handbook

Australia and New Zealand Nursing and Midwifery Drug HandbookAustralia and New Zealand Nursing and Midwifery Drug Handbook..

Edited by Mirkov and McKenna

The Fifth Edition of the Australia New Zealand Nursing & Midwifery Drug Handbook has been comprehensively revised and updated to provide Australian and New Zealand nursing students and healthcare practitioners with the information they need to administer drugs safely and effectively. It emphasises the clinical aspects of drug administration, and provides detailed information on each drug and its characteristics, including indications, dosages, IV administration, adverse reactions, potential interactions, contraindications, and also lists nursing considerations and patient education information.

Over 130 additional drug profiles have been added to the comprehensive selection of the most widely used drugs in Australia and New Zealand. A new Glossary of adverse drug effects has been included, as well as a Quick Calculation guide to formulae for calculating medication doses and drip rates. The new edition continues to present drug profiles in a clear, consistent format, designed to assist the reader in finding information quickly and easily.


Comprehensively revised and updated with 130 additional drug profiles.

Fold out flaps contain Quick reference guides for calculating drug dosages and drip rates, list of common abbreviations, and factors affecting responses to drugs.

New Glossary of adverse effects.

Authors: Sanja Mirkov and Lisa McKenna
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Published: 18 August 2010
Format: Paperback 1,208 pages
ISBN 13: 9781920994112
ISBN 10: 1920994114

Prices at April 2011


317.1 - 830,195
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