Bitcoin is For Gamblers

Bitcoin is Anonymous and Free.

Anonymous transactions are ideal for scammers and criminals.

Most banks already allow transactions online without transaction fees, but not anonymous.

Bitcoin has the potential for massive losses.

In February 2022, it was reported that more than half of Bitcoin investors have actually lost money trading the cryptocurrency. More Than Half of Bitcoin Investors Are in the Red, Study Says

And then came the next crash!

June 2022: In just a four-day period in early June, Bitcoin fell from $30,500 to about $23,500 – a decline of nearly 23 percent.
Bitcoin And Crypto Price Crash: 5 Things To Do Rather Than Panic

Then it dropped to $17,663 on 18 June.

Bitcoin is for gamblers.

Bitcoin’s 50% crash erases all of Elon Musk’s gains on Tesla balance sheet.


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