Best Country to Live in

The International Living magazine’s 30th annual survey of the ‘Best Countries to Live In’, is also known as the The Quality of Life Index.

Although France came number one in the overall rankings, these are the top Ten countries for the Cost of Living section.

Cost of living Country
100 Iraq
88 Afghanistan
86 Nauru
84 Turkmenistan
80 Bolivia
80 Bhutan
80 Tuvalu
79 Mayotte
76 Paraguay
75 Kiribati

These ones however, are the overall top ten countries, marked on all 9 ratings, but shown here in order of Cost of Living:

Cost of living Country
62/100 New Zealand
62/100 Canada
56/100 Australia
56/100 United States
56/100 Italy
55/100 France
54/100 Germany
44/100 Luxembourg
41/100 Switzerland
41/100 Belgium

An example of how these rating are calculated is:

Cost of Living (15% of the final ranking).

This is a guide to how much it will cost you to live in a style comparable to—or better than—the standard of living you’re likely enjoying in the U.S. Our primary source in this category is the U.S. State Department’s Index of Overseas Living Costs, used to compute cost-of-living allowances for a Western-style of living in various countries. We also consider each country’s income tax rates.


Zimbabwe came first with 100/100

Australia, on 87/100, shares with

United Kingdom, on 66/100, shares with

More information can be seen at the following links:


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