Bauhn 46i 116cm Full HD LCD TV

The Bauhn 46i 116cm Full HD LCD TV Model No: AC-46FZ

This was available from ALDI in November 2009 for $1,299

Specifications quoted include:

  • Built-in full HD tuner
  • 100Hz motion compensating technology designed to render fast moving images with less motion blurs and judders
  • 1920 x 1080p
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • Less than 1W standby power consumption
  • 1142mm Wide, 800mm High, 329mm deep. 27kg weight.
  • 7w x 2 Audio output
  • 3 year In Home warranty

The on switch on the rear of the set in the bottom corner, may catch a few new buyers wondering how to turn it on.

There are two ‘On’ switches, one at the rear of the set, for turning off totally, and another at the side of the set, on the same corner, for turning standby mode off and on.  The instruction book does not make it totally clear, and some people may be left wondering why it won’t work, after turning on with just the side on button.  Check page 23 of the manual if in doubt.

1,627.1 - 841,137
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I brought one of these fantastic TV`s in 2009 and have had NO problems its great. so happy that when they had smaller ones on sale brought one for the bedroom

I definitely would not buy this tv again. I had a new control panel put in when the tv was about 8-9 months old (it broke within the first 3 months but i lived with it) and it took the repair guys over SIX WEEKS (origionally told 1-2 weeks) to get my tv back to me, they said Bauhn didnt have parts readily available in Australia and when I spoke to Bauhn with complaints about the length of time it was taking they said its only their responsibility to get the tv repair guys to come out not to oversee the time frame or quality of repair and workmanship, so they pretty much left me high and dry! And now 3 months later my tv has come up with a black screen, have tried everything but i cant get any picture or sound at all! Back to another six weeks of waiting for yet another repair. Be very weary!!!

what i do like about LCD TV’s is that the cost keeps dropping each year .

i just wish that LCD TVs would have more contrast and brighter colors like CRTs;,:

Hi all,
Finally had TV installed/mounted on the wall. Have used for approx 3 weeks. Had a nasty surprise at 2am this morning. Boom…. black screen…. and small amount of flames. Bye Bye TV. Rang ALDI. Must return within 60 days for refund, and have to have rcpt, otherwise bye to $1299. After 60 days TV gets repaired. Aldi used to offer replacement or refund for 12 months from date of purchase. Will think twice about outlaying large amt of money at Aldi in future. The 12mth return is what mad purchasing at aldi appealing, peace of mind.

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