Bauhn 42i 106cm Full HD LED TV

The Bauhn 42i 106cm Full HD LED TV Model No: tba

42" (106cm) Full HD 100Hz LED TV
42" (106cm) Full HD 100Hz LED TV

This was available from ALDI in May 2010 for $1,299

Specifications quoted include:

  • Full high definition display 1080P
  • Integrated HD tuner
  • Inputs: 3 x HDMI, 1 x Component Mini Jack (lead included), 1 x AV Mini Jack (lead included), 1 x VGA, 1 x antenna
  • Piano black finish
  • 100Hz technology with motion correction provides sharper picture, reduced motion blur and minimised judder on fast moving images
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Contrast ratio: 1300:1
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Standby power less than 1w
  • 2 year In House warranty

Bauhn TV’s are manufactured by Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd
U7/ 15 Rodborough Rd
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

Tel: (02) 9975 2199
Tel: 1300 886 649

6,149.1 - 822,614
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Have the same issue with the tv turning off by itself. It is only when connected to HDMI though.

What is power off and how do I get rid of it. It says press any key to cancel but the tv still turns off.

I have had my 42″ Bauhn tv from Aldi for 18months. It has been great till now, the sound and picture has just stoped working and keeps saying no signal have tried to find the problem but to no avail. I had bought a TV from Aldi before the Bauhn called Vivid and it broke down just the week before the warranty ran out it took too times to fix and it turned out to be the main control box. I am concerned that this could be the same problem. Has anyone had the same problem with Aldi TV’s

I have Bauhn 42″ LED TV now in India and I am looking IC FSL206MR located in Power board which is not available in India. Please let me know how to get the same in India?

I have LED TV Make BAUHN Model AS-42FHD purchased in Australia and transported to India. Now suddenly no picture only sound is there. What to do??? Same time i am looking for IC FSL 206MR for the same. Located in power supply. Who do i get it in India.


I have a Bauhn 47inch and the thing has broke down The technition tells me its the motherboard. can anyone tell me where in australia I can get a new motherboard. I live here in The Philippines and they have never heard of them here.

You could try this link:
It mentions the mainboard for the BAUHN Television ALCD3257.

It may be a good starting point.

Had it just over 12months.
Was happy at first but patience is now running thin.
Yes, has beeped from new, only if running through the dtv. To stop that, run through a pvr.
Yes, Turns itself on in the middle of the night probably three times a week, with volume blaring, unless you have a pvr connected and turn the pvr off as you call it a night. No good if your pvr has to be on to start a recording.
For surround sound, connect amp etc through the DVD, or pvr, media centre and connect vier hdmi.
Lately the tv has started pausing, I have to turn off at power and restart. and if you use the usb to charge anything the tv needs to be restarted.
Not real happy after only 1 year.
Will contact the after sales team and post there response.

my remote is broken. Where can I get another that will work with this brand?

TV blew up in less than 2 months with very little use. receipt was destroyed by accident and even though it was clearly shown on bank statement TEMPO who supply Aldi very unhelpful. Even though compliance plate showed TV only 4 months old they refused help. Aldi were helpful but I wish they still sold Tevion which I never had problems with – so much for not buying online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased the led this week and it keeps turning itself on. Did anyone find out what I do to change it

That’s about half the cost of LEDs others of the same size, but the contrast ratio is a concern. It is still too low and that's probably why TV is cheaper than others.

I’ve connected my home theatre system via the earphone output and it works fine. The audio cable adapter comes with tv. The only thing problem is that you have to unplug it when not in use (amp or H Theatre) otherwise you wont have any sound from the TV.

Has anyone connected the TV to an amp/home theatre system? Appears to have only one output i.e. earphones.

some sound video sync issues observed with DVD’s

Has anyone had any trouble with HDCP? I tried plugging in my foxtel IQ with an HDMI and it came up with a message “HDCP not compatible”. What does this mean? is there anything I can do about it?

My Led TV is connected to my PC and automatically turns the TV off when it shuts down. This is a commomn feature when using it as a monitor. Can’t think of any other reason your TV would turn off.
I am not happy using the PVR function for a long movie, am using a 16 GB USB flash drive and when I watch it back, the sound goes way out of sink. I was thinking this could be a problem with the USB stick? Also sometimes just watching regular tv, the sound goes slightly out of sink with the picture, changing stations using fixes this.
Has anyone else noticed this?

Have just purchased Bauhn 42″ led from aldi. am very happy with picture and sound but have discovered an unusual extra – it randomly turns itself on! anyone else having similar issues or any ideas as to why?

hi guys,
its me gauzzi here just looking to ur views – wana ask a question to u all
i hv been saving money for a big lcd but now as i can get led in same price should i buy Aldi Bauhn led 42′
as i want to watch movies with home theater system for better sound.
does it work with home theater system.

wana buy but bit worry i might not waste my hard earned money.


as I am hard of hearing I require teletext. I am considering this unit and would like to know if it has teletext/captions. Ian

Hi there

Am looking at purchasing this but am concerned about if it breaks outside the two year warranty. Has anyone enquired with Bauhn as to their ability to do repairs in Australia should something go wrong outside of warranty?

I might look into setting up a HTPC. My previous TV was connected to an amp but I can’t with the Bauhn as it has no audio out (except earphone). I would like to be able to watch a movie with surround sound, thanks for the advice.

Hi Ian,

Mine too makes a beep, not sure but think it seems to occur when changing between HD and SD. Have not tested this,otherwise, I have to say I am pretty pleased with the set. Just setting up a HTPC for it, want to view those .mkv files!

G’day Ian
I also purchased a set last week,in Australia, (no beep)….

Got the new LED 106cm Bauhn last week. Beautiful picture and colour but still getting use to viewing movies on this set. It seems to have some sort of image enhancing software where characters really stand out while watching a movie.

After watching Avatar on DVD, it almost looks like a documentary – a little weird. There seems to be no way of disabling this feature but I am starting to get use to it.

Also since installing the tv last week, I have noticed that a single short beep sound via the speakers is heard after changing stations. It is intermittant and is causing me a little concern.

Have checked with Aldi after sales support and they have never heard of it. The tv is connected to a booster. If others are making that sound, I don’t think I would really worry about it. Please let me know.

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