Avast Secureline VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A new player in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) options is the “Avast! Secureline VPN“. www.avast.com

What exactly does a VPN do?

According to Avast! This is how it works:

While communicating with any website/server, your data goes through a large number of devices. Although many of these devices are secure, if a hacker can gain access to even one device your data could then be monitored. avast! SecureLine is a VPN – for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch – that protects you from data theft via a virtual encryption ‘tunnel’. Data is then decoded at the VPN server. And, as data flows through the servers, we can also detect and filter malicious URLs, block ads, or compress your transferred data.

It offers a lot, but the reviews are mixed.  At first I thought that they were too mixed to be real, after all how can it be so good and so bad ?

A bit of reading, and I saw the answer to that puzzle…

While the service is stable in the States, its overseas access isn’t.

Well, that explains why most of the negative reviews are in foreign languages or poor English.  They do not get the same level of service that those in the USA get.

The advice from Fahmida Y Rashid, of PCMag seem accurate…”look elsewhere for more reliable service.”

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet that provides a reliable VPN that is also allowing a fast connection. A VPN without good always on connections will slow down a computer to one of its speed, or even less. These speeds make me recall the old days of making a coffee while the computer decides what it is doing !!!

My next post will be….. How to Uninstall Avast Secureline VPN (Virtual Private Network)





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I tried the 3 day trial, logging in from Nigeria. I was unable to watch netflix without it cutting out every few minutes. My netflix account was set up when I was in the UK. I’ve now cancelled the both of them.

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